Rose Says…

I am very excited to announce the first author is visiting us here at The Plot on Monday. He is Mr. Jim Melvin and has a rather imposing fellow of a main character named Torg.

You’ll get the chance to know Mr. Melvin and Torg soon.

I’m also glad to have finally sorted things out to be holding the first pub night this coming Wednesday. I hear a lot of people are confused about the way I run my pub, so all y’all have to worry about is stopping by here around 5pm EST when the pub doors open.

I’ll put a sign out front so y’all know what to do. Don’t worry the least bit. Rose will take care of you.

I’m looking forward to everyone stoppin’ by for a pint or more, so be sure to say hi and try to be sociable when you do. It’s an authors night, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just come as yourself.

That’s all for now. More paperwork beckons.



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