The Death Wizard Chronicles – Interview with Torg


An interview with Torg (a k a The Torgon), the MC of The Death Wizard Chronicles, a six-book epic fantasy by Jim Melvin.

BIO: Torg is the king of a race of desert warriors called Tugars. These warriors inhabit a great desert called Tējo on the planet Triken. Torg is 7 feet tall, weighs 300 pounds, and is extremely muscular and handsome. So guys, lock your wives and girlfriends in the closet when he comes around, if you know what’s good for you. Then again, maybe not. Torg is a moral person and wouldn’t mess with any woman who isn’t single.

Torg is called a Death Wizard, but he is more accurately called a Death-Knower. Among their many talents, Tugars are practitioners of the art of meditation, which they use to grow spiritually and to calm their minds. On rare occasions, individual Tugars achieve such a high level of concentrative meditation, their heart literally stops beating and they die. But they have a special ability to feed on Death Energy and return from death, whereupon they are enriched with magical powers. These special Tugars are called Death-Knowers, and among them Torg is the greatest to have ever lived.

Only a Death-Knower can die.

And live again.

Only a Death-Knower can return from death.

And remember.

Only a Death-Knower can tell us what he has seen.

Not all care to listen.

Question: From the looks of you, I’d guess you’re about 40 years old but in great shape for his age — like a cross between a triathlete and body builder. How old are you really?

Torg: I turned one thousand a few years ago, but I’ll probably live a couple of thousand more, if I take good care of myself.

Q: You’re saying you could live three thousand years? How’s that possible?

A: It’s a paradox, I know, but Death Energy is what keeps me young.

Q: How is it that Death Energy does so many great things for you?

A: Most people view death as something negative, but I have experienced death first-hand and know the truth: Death is nothing to fear. You’ve heard the saying that “life is short”? Well, death is far shorter. It’s just a place that you briefly go before embarking on your next lifetime. However, death energy is very powerful. And when I feed on it, my magic is enriched.

Q: You say that death is nothing to fear, but isn’t the actual dying part a little scary?

A: The physical pain that often accompanies death can be scary. But pain is a natural and impermanent part of the human condition. It comes and goes, just like anything else. Ride it like you would a wave.

Q: Wow! That makes me feel pretty good.

A: It should.

Q: I’ve heard it said that Tugars are the greatest warriors on Triken. Is that true?

A: Under the guidance of Vasi masters, Tugars train for 50 years before achieving the rank of warrior. Plus, our men and women are extremely large, strong and resistant to injury. So yes, we’re formidable, to say the least.

Q: Who is your worst enemy?

A: Recently it’s a sorcerer named Invictus, who derives his magic from sunlight, which is even more powerful than Death Energy. Invictus is called a Sun God, and he’s by far the most powerful being on Triken. I’m having a heck of a time getting rid of him.

Q: Do you have a love interest?

A: Yes … a beautiful sorceress named Laylah. The only problem is she happens to be Invictus’ sister.

Q: How would you fare on 21st Century Earth?

A: In terms of sheer size, I would stand out: sort of a Shaq O’Neil with a much better body. But it’s not like I’m 10 feet tall, so at least I wouldn’t seem completely out of place.

As a leader, I would be both powerful and moral. I’m also long-lived, so I could command for centuries instead of decades or a few short years. Has your planet ever experienced this level of consistency?

My magical powers would amaze your people. For instance, I’m capable of healing cancer, but only on an individual basis. And I would be formidable in battle, but nuclear weapons and other high-powered bombs could destroy me, as they destroy so many things.

However, I’m not so sure that I would attempt to lead your people. The living conditions here are … well … a little disturbing. Instead, I probably would journey to one of your deserts and simply disappear. Perhaps an Earth-like version of Tugars would eventually form around me, but even they would remain hidden from the outside world.

Q: Are you a Democrat or a Republican?

A: I am awake. (Which makes me a Democrat.)


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  1. I’ll just meditate until someone leaves a comment. (Ha!)

  2. There are definitely a lot of worse ways to spend your time. 🙂

  3. Torg does make choices and not all of them are for the best. For example, if he was politically awakened, he’d be independent, not affiliated with a political party. LOL!!! I’ve only read book 1, the others are coming, but the nations and peoples that inhabit Triken make this better than Conan!

  4. I definitely agree. Triken is a place with so many settings and people…it’s an excellent world.

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