Author’s Pub Night

Hello everyone.

Many people I have talked to – authors and characters alike – have been wondering how these pub nights work. Tonight you get to try it out.

This is the official “the doors are open” announcement for the pub night. In the comments section of this announcement, stop by and say hello. Introduce yourself and order a drink. Tell others what book(s) you’ve written.

On that note, it’s an authors night. This is your space to be free from your characters, talk about…whatever it is authors talk about, and have some fun.

Welcome and enjoy!



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  1. I know how you ‘real people’ hate to ‘break the ice’, so I figure I’ll do it. (My Author hates to do it, too. I don’t understand it.)

    I’m Rose and I’m the only character allowed around here on author pub nights. Anything else about me can be found on the “About Rose” post.

    I can’t drink tonight, being on duty and all, but if I was drinking, I’d be settling down with a gin and tonic.

    How about you?

  2. Hi, Rose!

    It’s great to meet you. And this is a nice place! I already feel right at home. I’d enjoy pretty much anything you could serve up, but tonight I think I’ll just stick to beer, if you don’t mind. Anything on tap will do, as long as it’s cold.

  3. Hello and welcome, Jim. 🙂

    It’s been a pleasure having you this week, even if Torg can be a bit of an intimidating fellow.

    I have just the thing for you to try. It’s a beer called Beez Neez that has a lovely honeyish aftertaste.

  4. Hey…any Margaritas in this joint?

  5. That sounds awesome! Cheers!

  6. 😀 Definitely cheers. First drink is on the house.

  7. By the way, for anyone who might be interested, please check out my new trailer for The Death Wizard Chronicles. (

  8. Hi Rose, I’m Sharyn Lilley, I’ve had a YA science fiction adventure published, a fantasy short and several horror shorts, including a forthcoming (looking at a March release) ‘bite-sized’ short in the Black Box charity e-anthology

    I’m also in the process of reading submissions for In Bad Dreams ~ Volume Two; Where Death Stalks. as well as editing my first solo project for Eneit Press, a dark comedy by R. J. Barker.

    Ably assisting me with my attempts to work today are my seven children, so I could really use a drink, a bourbon and coke please *g*

  9. Hi everybody. Hugs Jim and Dorothy. Forget the beer, where’s the Mead? Egyptian if you have it. 🙂

  10. Hello Sharyn!

    First, congratulations on your accomplishments (children and books).

    You definitely deserve a first drink on the house. A bourbon and coke coming right up. 🙂

  11. Miss Mary, you have elegant tastes! Welcome to the pub. I’ll have to dig in my special closet for the Egyptian Mead. 🙂

  12. PumpUp – Margaritas? Why, of course.

  13. cheers, this is good. Now I’m going to ask the dumb question, what’s the difference between Egyptian mead and other sorts?

  14. Hiya! My name is Jenn and I’ll have B-52. I didn’t finish my nano last year but I’m still writing away. My current word count is 33 000 words and still going strong!

  15. Sharyn, I will defer you to Mary for that. 🙂

    Jenn, welcome to The Plot! My Author didn’t finish her NaNo either, and I don’t think she feels too bad about it. As long as she’s writing, she’s happy.

    And a B-52! Nice.

  16. Hey Lynn! Egyptian mead? Sounds like it tastes great, but does it get you in trouble at the end of the night? I know that margaritas have been known to do so!

    And Jenn, congrats on 33,000!

  17. Torg and the Tugars drink a special wine called Tugarian nectar. But none of you lightweights could handle it. (Ha!)

  18. Lightweight?

    Well… Having been reading about Torg and his people, I wouldn’t doubt it. 😉

  19. And Sharyn. All that and seven kids? Man!

  20. She is an amazing woman.

    And I thought I had it tough when my Author wrote in my four younger brothers.

  21. The Tugars’ metabolisms are so furnace-like, they really can’t get drunk unless they concentrate and allow themselves to. They win lots of drinking contests that way.

  22. *looks at hips* I wish I had a furnace-like metabolism… 😉

  23. Well, I have five daughters, two biological and three adopted from Cambodia. But only the three from Cambodia are still at home, so I’ve got it relatively easy.

  24. I’ve never entered nano, I suspect my kids would break my kneecaps if I took on any other projects – especially one as crazed as I’ve seen other nanowrimo-ers emerge from, but anything that gets you writing cant be all bad *g*

  25. Thannks Jim, your Tugars sound a little like my eldest brother. He has to concentrate to allow himself to get drunk *g*

  26. Believe me, if I could trade bodies with Torg, I’d do so in a nano-second.

  27. Jim – I imagine any man would admire you for living with all that estrogen. 🙂

    Sharyn – That’s my Author’s feeling – as long as it got her writing…

  28. For a long time, we also had two female dogs, but they finally passed away of old age. Now we have a male cat. My bud.

  29. I was wondering if maybe you had a dog or other pet.

  30. we have a male psycho-kitty here. He thinks he’s part dog and where ever my toddlers are, he’s about half a step behind

  31. My cat is pitch-black, beautiful, and the perfect cross between a dog and cat. He’s the best pet I’ve ever owned. And he came to us out of the woods. So we named him Woody, though I call him Woodrow, which annoys my wife and kids. He doesn’t seem to care, one way or the other.

  32. That’s something – have you ever based an animal character off your pets?

  33. I have a huge black cat and he’s a sweetie. He’s 14 years old

  34. That’s a very good question. I would have to say no. But I have based animal characters off people.

  35. Here’s a random question: What is the favorite in yourstory so far?

  36. My favorite character? Or favorite scene? Or favorite period?

  37. Sorry I meant line

  38. This is my favorite set of lines. They occur in Book One and were also mentioned by Rose yesterday.

    Only a Death-Knower can die.
    And live again.

    Only a Death-Knower can return
    from death.
    And remember.

    Only a Death-Knower can tell us
    what he has seen.

    Not all care to listen.

  39. Jenn:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean that to sound smart alecky. I meant favorite period as in “favorite, period.” In other words, overall favorite.

  40. I do love the opposites you present in your book, Jim. The ‘bad guy’ powered by the sun and ‘good guy’ finding power in death…

  41. my favourite line from one of my novels comes from a YA contemporary, pov character helping her slightly scatty mother to pack house ready to move across country:

    “Are you being cheeky, young lady?”

    “No … no, I’m just saying it’s good to see you keep in touch with your home planet through this desk.”

  42. Haha. That’s a very good one, Sharyn.

  43. Thanks Rose, so what’s your favourite line from your author?

  44. That’s interesting that you should say that. At one point, my agent (Uwe Stender of TriadaUS) and I were marketing the series as three volumes (two books each) instead of six books. The names of the six books are The Pit, Moon Goddess, Eve of War, World on Fire, Sun God, and Death-Know. But as three volumes, they were going to be called The Paradox of Power, The Paradox of Fire, and the Paradox of Life … the paradox being exactly what you described. I’m sure that most authors make similar claims, but in my series there are many literary elements and there is a lot going on between the lines. I believe that it will stand the test of time.

  45. I’d take entirely too long to think of my favourite book line my Author has written, but I’m rather fond off a line she said to someone the other day (she was joking):

    “I am going to kick your scrawny ass you tea drinking pommy bastard.”

    I do rather like how Australia has widened her variety of insults. 🙂

  46. ahh, but you can’t beat the English for some terrific insults. Like this Elizabethan curse generator:

    After all, you just never know when you might want to call someone a gnarling clay-brained bum-bailey! Or perhaps inform them they are an artless empty-hearted moldwarp!

  47. Yes, we must bow to the English for a lovely array of insults.

  48. Thanks, Jim, I was pleased with that one mostly for the sheer volume of scene setting it avoided in describing the dynamics in the relationship between mother and child.

  49. Would you believe one of the hardest things I’ve ever written was a picture book manuscript – 300 words, with out the pictures and page breaks, your words not only have to be simple enough for a three year old, but convey enough information for the illustrator to build the pictures to bring the scene to life.

  50. I always thought writing for an age group other than your own would be difficult – more so the further you get away from your own age.

  51. Well, guys, it was a pleasure. But the alarm’s going off in about six hours in my neck of the woods, so I’d better hit the hay. Is “hit the hay” an Australian and English saying? Or just North American? Ha!

    I hope you all have a wonderful day.

  52. Thank you for stopping here, Jim. You can feel free to stop by any time. The doors stay open until the next pub night starts.

    I’ll get back to you on the “hit the hay” thing unless Sharyn can tell you before I do.

  53. Thanks, Rose. As always, when it comes to you, it was a pleasure.

  54. night, Jim, nice to meet you. Hit the hay is used here too. Personally I try not to hit hay, scratchy itchy stuff!

  55. Always a pleasure. 🙂

  56. And if it’s possessed hay, it might hit back!

  57. I have to go for a little while, but if you are still here this evening, I may well pop back in, Rose. A pleasure to meet you, and a lovely pub. But are you sure you want other characters here next week?

  58. I think my Author has somethin’ going on, but I have no doubt we’ll talk again. It’s been a pleasure to meet you as well.

    It’s been nice as the only character, but I did promise… Hopefully most of the characters will be as well behaved as their authors.

  59. Hey Rose, my book is still spinning in my head but thought I would drop by for a strawberry daiquiri anyway.

  60. Hello, Sandra! A strawberry daiquiri is the first drink I ever had.

    The first legal one, anyway…


  61. I’m a little late to the party, but I just found your pub. Is there any way I can get a Sidecar? I’m struggling with my WIP and could use one 🙂

  62. Not a problem, Karen! Welcome to The Plot.

    Perhaps this upcoming pub night – a characters only night – will help you?

  63. Character night will take some of the pressure off, I’m sure 🙂

  64. You’re certainly more than welcome to stop by. 🙂

  65. Or rather, your character is.

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