Interview with Holding Fast’s Wesley

Wesley is reclusive, and he doesn’t like to talk much about himself.  His ex-fiancée, Caitlyn, was sent on assignment to interview him and, after many tries, she finally succeeded in getting him to sit down and talk about himself.  Unfortunately, the interview was…well, I won’t say much about it here, but it just goes to show you why he stays a reclusive when it comes to the media.  But he’s finally allowed me, his creator, to interview him.

Tell me about yourself, Wesley.

Shrugs.  I’m a man.  I race cars.  What do you want to know about me?

(This is going to be harder than I thought).  Tell me about your successes.

I’m a successful stock car racer. 

Okay.  What do you do for fun?  Besides race cars, that is.

I love the outdoors.  Hiking along mountain trails outside my home, traveling to new adventures.

What do you do to relax?

Besides race cars?  Chuckles.  Play video games.  I like to shoot hoops when I have time.  Barbecuing outside is always nice.  I love to sit by the fire outside.

Video games?

Yes, it’s very relaxing after a long, stressful and trying day.  You sit there on the couch, let your mind wander, yet gain eye-hand coordination at the same time.

What’s your favorite type of video game?  Let me guess…auto racing?

Oh sure, I love the different types of sport games, but shoot ‘em up games are just as fun.

Who has made the greatest impact on your career?

Uncle Tim, the owner of my racing team.  He got me interested, got me started, and supported me when no one else would.

So are you saying your family didn’t exactly support you?

(Wesley looks at me with his piercing green eyes.  My heart flips.  He doesn’t answer.) 

What about Caitlyn?  Does she support you?

She does now.

But not at first?

Not at first.

You have a law degree?

That’s right.

Why did you decide to pursue an education in law but ultimately become a race-car driver?

I didn’t want to pursue an education in law, but my father, being a lawyer himself, was insistent enough, and circumstances in my life dictated that I follow his insistence.  But I continued to race on the side, growing better, and I gave it all up after I graduated.

How did your father feel about that?

Well, at that point in time, I didn’t care how he felt about it.

But you did before?

(He looks at me again with that look that tells me I’m overstepping my bounds and he’s about to end this interview.  I straighten my shoulders and give him my own level stare.  I must maintain control of the interview without pushing him away.)  

Can you offer some advice for those wanting to get into stock car racing?

Practice.  Don’t give up.  And know the right people.


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