Doors Are Open ~ Characters Only!

Hello everyone. Rose here.

Firstly, a right big thank you to Emma and Wesley for visiting my humble pub this week.

This is the night many authors (except my Author) have been wary of and many characters have been waiting for.

The Characters Only pub night.

The doors are now officially open and any characters may come in for a drink and a chat. Please leave all your weapons at the door and keep in mind my author can write me any necessary powers to take care of any of you causin’ a fuss, so just don’t do it.

Enjoy yourself and say hello to some other characters. Maybe even complain about your authors if you like.

I won’t say a word.



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  1. Hello!

    Just a reminder to y’all – the pub rules are at the top of the page.

    So come on in and introduce yourselves, everyone!

  2. Oh, hi. I hope you don’t mind having an officer of the law in so early, but I’m off duty, and temporarily blind to any law breaking.

    Anyway, I’m Angelique, and my author decided I needed to see a double homicde on my first night out at my new station. I haven’t forgiven her for that yet.

  3. And to think, I hadn’t forgiven my Author for simply giving me four troublesome younger brothers. I find myself growin’ a bit fond of her now…

    Thank you for stopping by, officer. Name your poison and you’ll have it as quick as I can pour.

  4. Call me Ange, just an orange juice, thanks. My daughter would kick my butt if I came home a bit merry.

    Brothers aren’t so bad, really. You can always pretend you aren’t related. But trying to deal with the memories of two such sickening deaths, that’s tough.

    One of my author’s other characters, a rather nice alien from the future, told me to be glad, because it eventually brought Mariah into my life. And you know, I love that kid to bits, but it’s really easy for Arlan to talk, she also got to rescue a child, but his parents hadn’t self destructed like Mariah’s parents did.

  5. An orange juice it is, Ange. It’s a bit early in the morning for us to be drinking anyway.

    I can’t imagine what it would be like havin’ to deal with death. I admire anyone who can do an officer’s job and walk away still sane.

    Though I reckon I shouldn’t say that, being in an unfinished manuscript and all. Hm.

  6. (Torg the Death Wizard comes in and sits down. He’s 7 feet tall and weighs 300 pounds. Shoulder-length jet-black hair, deep-blue eyes. Think a larger version of Adrian Paul. The barstool creaks beneath his weight. He nods to Angelique and Rose.)

    “I’ll have a glass of Tugarian nectar, if you’ve got any. It’s not too early for me to drink. And besides, my metabolism burns so hot, I can only get drunk if I purposely allow myself too.”

  7. *fans face*

    Hello, Torg. It’s good to see you back at the pub. Ange and I were just discussing our authors.

    I’ll have to look in my locked cabinet to see if I have some Tugarian nectar.

  8. Ange – I take it Mariah’s upbringing before you wasn’t the best one…

  9. My author’s pretty cool. He’s 50 with a wife and five daughters, so he’s kind of worn out. But he makes up for it by taking One A Day vitamins for 50-plus men.

  10. My Author takes those things as well.

    When she remembers, anyway. Ha!

  11. no, the poor little mite. She lost her sight the same night she lost her parents, and was shunted from foster home to foster home for several years. But she’s with me now, and begining to heal. She’s even making some good friends at her school. I am so proud of her.

    Mind you, I don’t know if I was ever sane *winks*

    Hi Torg

  12. Those and Glucosamine for the joints! Of course, I don’t need to take anything like that. My Death Visits give me all the vitality I’ll ever need.

  13. Aw, the poor little one. How did you come into caring for her. Were you signed on as a foster parent?

    I’ve read about those Death Visits, Torg. I certainly wish I had an extended lifetime to learn something like that.

  14. No, I’d never thought about kids. My job’s fairly hard on a family, but in the fallout from the events at the inquest into Mariah’s parents deaths, Mariah just wouldn’t let go. I spent three nights at the hospital with her, and after that it was just natural that she would be coming back with me.

    Torg, a death visit sounds like it could be a handy investigating tool?

  15. Aw. Bonds like that happen sometimes without y’all even knowin’ it until it’s happened.

    Very sweet.

    Hm. I wonder if a Death Visit could be useful to the police.

  16. Hello, Angelique. It is an honor to meet you. My author would just “Hey, nice to meet you.” The Death Visits themselves wouldn’t help much, but the power you would gain from them would enhance your psychic powers.

    It sounds like you’re a brave person. You’d make a good Tugar.

  17. Well, I’m sorry, but I have to disappear for a bit. My author’s wife is coming in the door. (By the way, it’s starting to snow in South Carolina, which only happens once or twice a year. My kids are freaking!)

    I’ll try to stop by again later in the evening to chat again. It was very nice meeting you, Angelique. And Rose … as always, a pleasure.

  18. *blushes* Thanks, Torg, psychic powers would be pretty handy at times. Arlan, who often visits Mariah and I, is a gifted telepath and healer, and it’s amazing what she knows, compared to what people have told her. She makes me glad I’ve never tried to lie to her.

  19. Always a pleasure to have you stop in, Torg.

    Ange, does Arlan read direct, word for word, thoughts or does she derive feelings from thoughts?

  20. Nice to meet you, Torg.

    Rose, I believe she can do both, she tells me she only delves into thoughts if she deems the emotions require further investigation. I’ve also been told it’s a tough gig being one of her kids.

  21. Ha! I imagine so. Does she have many children?

  22. two of her own, and one fostered kid. I have to get going as well, I’m afraid. It was lovely to meet you, Rose, will you be holding character nights often?

  23. A pleasure to have you stop by, Ange.

    Character nights will alternate with author nights. (Next week will be an author night, a character night will happen the week after that.)

  24. Madison Longwell

    Hey everyone! My name is Madison, and my author is a little bit stuck at the moment, so with my free time I thought I’d drop in. Of course, I’m in the middle of planning a wedding, so I don’t have that much free time, but everyone needs a break and a drink, right? Can you make a Toasted Almond?

  25. Hello Madison! Welcome.

    Everyone definitely needs a break and a drink – especially when planning a wedding.

    Tell me what goes in a toasted almond and I’ll have it for you quick as a blink.

  26. Madison Longwell

    I believe a Toasted Almond is Amaretto, Kahlua, and cream, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had one.

  27. Anyone who mixes Kahlua in her drinks is a friend of mine.

    A big welcome to the pub for you. 🙂

  28. Madison Longwell

    Thanks! I think I’m going to like it here.

  29. Make yourself comfortable and I’ll share all my favourite Kahlua mixes.

  30. Hey… can I have a sake. Straight up.

    My author is a nitwit. She can hardly write because she fell off her scooter trying to get to her chemistry class and landed on her arm. I’m probably going to go on vacation for a while until she can start getting some feeling back in her hand.

  31. Sake? I don’t get many orders for that, but I always have some stocked for a friend.

    Welcome to The Plot.

    I take it your author prefers to write longhand instead of type.

  32. Hey, it’s Torg and I’m back. My author’s wife loves sake, and my author loves it because of the way his wife acts after she drinks sake.

  33. Haha! Welcome back, Torg.

    My Author hates sake, but her husband loves it.

  34. It tastes like kerosene to my author.

  35. I personally don’t mind the stuff, but she doesn’t let me have it due to her dislike.

    I reckon she’d agree with you on the kerosene likeness.

  36. I’m so spoiled by Tugarian nectar, which is the equivalent of a thousand-dollar bottle of wine, that everything else tastes like kerosene.

  37. Too bad I’m not a wine drinker, eh? Ha! Actually, a nice white vedello (I only learned the name because I enjoy it) hits just the right spot.

    So Tugarian nectar would be like a cordial to a human. One part nectar, however many parts water. Were someone to do that (add water), would you or any one of your people take that as an insult?

  38. Hmmm … well, if a normal person didn’t add water, just a sip or two would cause serious damage, in the speak-without-slurring sense. But it would hamper the flavor. Tugarian nectar is fermented from a rare and special fruit that only grows on a particular species of cactus.

  39. So, it wouldn’t likely be that insulting, but there wouldn’t be much point to doing it, eh?

  40. Well, now my author is off to bed, which causes me to disappear as well. See ya later!

  41. A pleasure once again. *bows*

  42. Insulting, no. But not much point to it. Tugartian nectar is more like wine than anything else … just very, very, very potent wine.

  43. Oh thanks. I’m glad I have friends.

    My author prefers to do both, but she can kind of writes hard with a pen. She let me know that her hand is twitching when she makes a fist and strains her hands trying to write. She needs to take it easy, but… I guess you can’t keep from someone from something they love. Speaking of which, can I get another sake.

  44. Another sake on its way.

    My Author has to write with a brace all the time. I don’t think it’s all that surprising to find writers who write through physical pain.

    So what’s your story?

  45. Oh, I missed the party! But I had to work, you know, being a reporter, and crime happens all the time so I have to write about it. My author forgot to remind me to stop in, because she was too busy watching Project Runway with her 10 year old daughter and then she went to sleep. She’s gotten so boring…

    I’ll just nurse my cognac tonight and see if any other scragglers want to join me…

  46. Ah, the life of a busy reporter. No problem. I’ll pour you a long cognac while I clean up in here.

    It’s time for a bit of a dust.

  47. I hope you’ll join me when you’re done.

  48. I don’t usually make a habit of drinking with the patrons, but a little kahlua never hurt anyone. Ha!

  49. If it’s after hours, why not?

  50. Very true. A kahlua and milk for me! And a cognac for you.

    So, tell me about the plot your author has stuck you in.

  51. In DEAD OF THE DAY, I’m chasing down the murderer of the city’s police chief. But in the middle of that, there’s this floater in the harbor who’s got bee stings on him. I know they’re connected somehow, but I can’t figure it out.

  52. Bee stings? I hate those little buggers.

    That sure is a strange clue, but if it connects the two… No wonder you need a drink.

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