Interview with The Doctor from Marwan by Aram Schefrin

marwan2.jpgInterview with The Doctor:

Q: You sent Marwan to destroy the World Trade Center.

A: I recruited him, and I saw to it that he was trained. I did not dispatch him. Sheikh Usama did that.

Q: Why did you choose Marwan for that mission?

A: I would not have chosen him, or anyone like him. I thought he was far too rational to accept a mission like that. It was his cousin Atta who suggested him. Atta thought Marwan’s rationality would be good for us. And he was right about that. The proof is in the pudding. But I doubted that someone who was not transported by Islam would agree to do it – or, having agreed, go through with it.

Q: Why do you think he did go through with it?

A: You have explained that in your book.

Q: Do you think I got it right?

A: As far as it is possible to know what someone else is thinking, or to understand the forces working on him – and in him. But I do think you missed one thing.

Q: What’s that?

A: Once you decide to die for a cause, an exhilaration begins. You are lit up by the force of your commitment. As each day passes, your excitement grows. You live inside an aura. Banality drops away. You never mentioned any of that. But then, you may be right – perhaps Marwan did not feel that.

Q: Unfortunately, he died for nothing, it seems.

A: Did he?

Q: You intended to destroy America. You didn’t.

A: We didn’t? It seems to me we did.

Q: I don’t get it …

A: Because of Marwan, you are on the way to bankrupting yourselves. You have spent a trillion dollars because of him. Not in the right places, of course, or in the right way. If anyone has failed to destroy his enemy, it is you, not us. But you spent it because of Marwan. It cost us half a million dollars. I would say that was a pretty good investment, no?

Q: Makes sense …

A: Your people are at each other’s throats. You hate each other. You’re so terrified that your safe world has disappeared that you are willing to change everything that made you what you were … I take that back. Not everything. It is only the good things you are ripping down. The few things about you that we admired. That was a secret admiration, by the way.

Q: But …

A: Nobody believes in you any more.

Q: We have stopped you from attacking us again …

A: Are you very sure of that? Listen, my friend – we have accomplished so much, there is very little left for us to do. And to do it would be easy, cheap and fast.

Q: What the hell are you talking about?

A: If I wanted to finish you off, I would send you fifty men – or find them inside your country, that wouldn’t be difficult. I would give each of them a rifle. I would send them to twenty cities, to kill Americans at random. At gas stations, at restaurants, at shopping malls. Long distance sniping – so you wouldn’t find them so easily.

Your civilization – I use the word with some sarcasm – would disappear in a matter of seven days. Remember the Washington sniper? Suppose there was one in New York, and San Francisco, and Boston, and Miami? Suppose as soon as you caught one, there would be another?

This is not the method Sheikh Usama would use – he likes glorious targets, immediate desolation. But this is what I would do. Israel would survive it, England too – countries which understand that life is supposed to be dangerous. But you are a weak people who live in a world of dreams. You have not encountered reality in sixty years. Your so-called democracy would dissolve like a block of ice. You are halfway there now. It would take so little. And Marwan is the catalyst. To me, he is a saint.


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  1. Outstanding character interview. Now I really want to read the book.


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