Marvin L. Zimmerman’s The Ovum Factor

theovumfactor.jpgThe Ovum Factor

by Marvin L. Zimmerman

Destruction of the Earth’s ecology threatens the very survival of humanity. With time ticking away, a clandestine think tank of leading scientists and world leaders has identified our last hope — the controversial research of a Nobel Prize-winning professor aimed at unleashing the power of a unique molecule that can alter the course of human history.

When David Rose, a young investment banker from New York, is assigned to evaluate the professor’s research, he soon becomes swept up in a whirlwind of international espionage, assassination and sabotage. David finds himself on a journey that takes him to the unexplored depths of the Amazon in order to fulfill two ancient prophecies for saving mankind and at the same time to realize his own destiny.

From New York to California, from China to the slums of Rio de Janeiro, and into the Amazon, the search for the mysterious source of this rare molecule takes you into the heart of the unknown and an encounter with the unseen forces of Nature.


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  1. Thank you for hosting Marvin, Rose! We’re looking forward to the character interview tomorrow!

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