Talking With Sonny Christopher from St. Joh of the Midfield

st-john-of-the-midfield-cover-art.jpgNote from Rose: Due to some of the language in this interview, part of the interview has been put after the ‘more’ link. I personally don’t have anythin’ against swearin’, but some people do.

You can get a taste of it and see if you care to read on.


Q: You’re basically a punk.

A: So kiss my ass if you say so. I don’t need you or this interview.

Q: You’re wrong. You do need this interview to explain your side of the story. Right now, you are considered a villain, one without a redeeming quality at all.

A: Redemption is between God and me. You can’t judge me. At least I learned that much from that Bible you all like to hold up in our faces.

Q: Why would you try to hurt a kid, an innocent kid, simply because he played for Bobo Stoikov?

A: I didn’t look at it that way. My job was to stop Bobo Stoikov from winning the State Cup. The more successful he was with winning, the more kids wanted to join his club.

Q: So you did what you did for business purposes?

A: That’s how the club business works. In the aftermath of his victory, all the good players from around the state suddenly wanted to play for the Crusaders. What was I going to be left with? I was going to get kids who were nothing but donkeys. I couldn’t handle that. Purgatory for me is watching bad soccer games.

Q: We could say the same. Watching your teams play was not fit for the eyes. All your kids did was to woof the ball up the field and try to run on it.

A: Give me a break. That old man Stoikov has you brainwashed with all those fancy feints and moves he teaches the kids. Where does it get them? College soccer coaches aren’t looking for kids like that. They want my players, kids who are tough and can win balls, from the air and on the ground.

Q: So you were teaching the kids the status quo?

A: I was giving them what they needed to further their careers. How did I become a villain for that?

Q: Because you purposely plotted to hurt a little boy!

A: Fuck that kid. Fuck Luca Santini. I never liked that kid, never liked his fancy moves and all his fancy passes. He’s nothing but a big puss to me. He couldn’t play for me.

Q: Why, because he doesn’t play like a gorilla?

A: I can see the old man really had you brainwashed. That’s one of his favorite lines.

Q: Isn’t a soccer game supposed to be about having great technical players on the field, players who entertain the crowds and are fun to watch?

A: I don’t give a damn about that. As a coach, my job is to win. That’s what I did better than any other coach in the State.

Q: Except Bobo Stoikov.

A: Go fuck yourself.

Q: What about Sally Livingston. What was it like being with her?

A: Worst piece of ass I’ve ever had. I did that simply for business purposes.

Q: She brought you one of the best players in the state.

A: Danny was the real thing. I was hardening him up to be a great college soccer player.

Q: You would do anything to get a great player?

A: The bitch came to me. What was I suppose to do – turn her away? When’s the last time you turned down an easy piece of ass?

Q: Let’s focus on you. When you died on the scarecrow’s post, did you repent first?

A: I’ll never tell. I just know I’m in a better place than where that son of a bitch Frankie is going.

Q: You never saw that coming did you?

A: (Closing his eyes) I can’t describe the pain… It’s too much… that fuckin son of a bitch… who knew… they got me when I was most vulnerable.

Q: What were your true feelings about Mario?

A: Sooner or later I was going to kill that bastard. He was lucky his father got me first.


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  1. Powerful, intriguing stuff.

    This book is just the beginning.

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