Interview with Erin, Angela, Megan and Kizzy from Bikini Season

robert-sheila-bs.jpgHi. I’m Sheila Roberts. I had a great time writing my latest book, Bikini Season. And I certainly identified with many of the diet struggles of the characters. Below is an excerpt from a recent interview with them.

Sheila: Erin Merritt, Angela Baker, Megan Wales and Kizzy Mazwell are good friends with one big thing in common: food. Oh, and weight issues. Which is why they decided to turn their cooking club into a diet support group. Ending a love affair with food and getting fit isn’t easy, is it, ladies?

Erin: I guess not. My wedding is right around the corner and my wedding dress doesn’t fit. I wonder if that’s a bad omen.

Kizzy: It sure isn’t, especially when you have a very spoiled and indulged appetite. I love to cook and I love to eat. But I also love life and I want to have a long one. And when I reached a point where my health was in danger I realized it was time to take control. That turned out to be not so easy. Not only did I have myself to deal with, I had my husband, Lionel, who loves every extra inch of me.

Angela: Well, I was worried my husband hated every extra inch of me. I’d gotten busy with the kids and let myself go.

Erin: Your husband loves you!

Angela: Yeah, but does he love me enough to resist the office hottie? I hate her. Women like her; they have no heart. They also have no fat.

Megan: Talk about women with no heart. I work with them all the time. My law office is full of them. They’re gorgeous, skinny, and they all look down their nose at me. I call them the pencils.

Sheila: It sounds like you really don’t like those women.

Megan: I guess I’ve let my weight issues make me bitter. But I’m working on overcoming that. In fact, I’m making a lot of changes in my life and they all feel good. Now, if I can just make partner.

Erin: If I can just fit in my wedding dress!

Angella: If I can just keep my husband.

Kizzy: I need to keep alive.

Sheila: It sounds like you ladies all have your challenges.

Kizzy: Yes, but we all have each other.

Megan: And that’s the most important thing.

Angela: Absolutely. Men come and go, but girlfriends are forever.

Erin: I’ll drink to that. With Diet Coke, of course.


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