Interview with Margaret Kirkwood from The Poetry of Murder by Bernadette Steele

poetry-of-murder-cover.jpgMargaret Kirkwood is a resident of International House and a PhD student at the University of Chicago. Her life has never been the same since she was 10-years-old and she discovered the body of her father who had committed suicide. Following Geneva Anderson’s arrest for the murder of her aunt Victoria Franklin, a reporter from the magazine, Another Path interviews Margaret. Another Path focuses on alternative religious practices and other spiritual phenomena.

Reporter: I would like to start out by talking about Victoria Franklin. How well did you know her?

Margaret: I didn’t know her, but I knew about her well enough to know that she walked around as if she owned the world. She had a false exterior that people chose to ignore.

Reporter: What do you mean by a false exterior?

Margaret: She pretended to be this socialite who everyone adored. It wasn’t true.

Reporter: So, Ms. Franklin wasn’t adored and had enemies. Who were they?

Margaret: I don’t know their identities but they exist.

Reporter: Did you feel any spiritual energy around you when she was killed?

Margaret: Yes! I felt a burden being lifted from the earth.

Reporter: How did you personally feel when you heard about Ms. Franklin’s death?

Margaret: I wasn’t upset about her death.

Reporter: Why weren’t you upset?

Margaret: I don’t get upset about death?

Reporter: Do you think Ms. Anderson killed her aunt?

Margaret: Well, the police arrested her. They must have had a reason for doing so.

Reporter: Are you friends with Ms. Anderson?

Margaret: No! I don’t believe in having friends. I believe in having followers.

Reporter: Tell me about your coven. What does your coven worship?

Margaret: We are followers of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Isis used, The Words of Power, to compel people and things to fulfill her requests. Isis uttered words that restored her husband to life.

Reporter: Do you want to compel people and things to fulfill your requests?

Margaret: I want to make the past right.

Reporter: Whose past, yours or other people?

Margaret: Everyone shares the past. Everyone’s past, present and future are connected.

Reporter: Are your beliefs influenced by what happened with your father?

Margaret: My father? Why are asking about my father? I don’t want to talk about my father.

Reporter: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up a painful subject.

Margaret: Then don’t.

Reporter: Are you a witch?

Margaret: No! witches practice witchcraft. There is no witchcraft in our worship of Isis.

Reporter: Are there any other belief systems that you have been involved with?

Margaret: I have used ancient Ouija boards, magical stones, and tarot cards throughout the years.

Reporter: What sort of things do you like to do for fun?

Margaret: I like to torture my aunt. She drives me crazy.


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