Interview with Angela from The Truth

Dr. Holstein: Hello, Angela. How are you today?

Angela: I’m fine, except that my best friend is moving away We’ve been best friends for two years. I can’t believe her stupid father took a job in another city. Her mother promises to let her still come and sleep over my house, but I know what happens when someone moves. It never works out. AND her mother is pregnant. So how much driving will she want to do? And after the baby she won’t ever want to drive. I hate her mother and father! But don’t tell anyone. I always act really sweet around them. Do you want to know a secret?

Dr. Holstein: Sure.

Angela: Her mom is a better cook than mine, even though my mom is nicer. Her mom won’t tell her anything about growing up. You know, I had to tell Angela all about the facts of life, after my mom told me. I feel sorry for her.

I would feel awful if I couldn’t ask my mom everything. But when her mother cooks Sunday dinner it is soooo good. She makes roast leg of lamb, with baked potatoes and serves it with green jelly and then for dessert she serves home made coffee ice cream. I don’t know why, but everyone in my friend’s family seems to love coffee ice cream. I like chocolate better but I don’t say anything. My mom makes hotdog’s and beans for Sunday night dinner. She likes to take it easy on the weekends. And she does yuk cooking of the hotdog’s. She cuts them in pieces and boils them. She thinks they are healthier that way. I think a delicious roast with baked potatoes is healthier than cut up hot dogs. But what do I know? I’m just a kid.

Dr. Holstein: What were some of the best times you’ve had with your friend?

Angela: The best time was when we started our Book Club. I was so bored I couldn’t stand it. And once we got the idea and started trading books with each other and having book parties at each other’s houses my whole life felt different. It was like I had a special event to look forward to. And I even felt smarter. I don’t know why. I guess cause I read so many books and solved so many mysteries. Do you know I’ve solved almost all the Nancy Drew mysteries before Nancy did? I didn’t tell my friend or any of the other girls, though. I didn’t want them to feel dumb.

Dr. Holstein: Did you ever annoy each other or have a fight?

Angela: No, not really. We were the best friends in the whole world. The only times she annoyed me was when she would keep talking about that kid in class, Paul. He’s nice but he is just a boy and who needs them? I think she really likes him. Why would she waste her time? I’m not going to like a boy for a long time. It is just a waste of time and energy. He never even knew she liked him. In a way I feel sorry for her. How could she not know that he didn’t care? I guess like my mother said’s, “Love is blind.” Well, I’ve got to get going and get my bike and go home. Bye!

Dr. Holstein: Bye and I hope you get to see your friend when she moves.

Angela: Yeh.


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  1. Dear Rose, Thanks so much for putting up my discussion with the ‘girl’s’ best friend Angela. It was fun to see it in cyper-space. All my best, Dr. Holstein

  2. My pleasure, Dr. Barbara. I truly enjoyed reading this book, so the interview with Angela was fun to read.

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