The Plot Interviews Victor and Ionera of The Winds of Asharra

We’ve interviewed quite a few real “characters” on this blog but our latest interview with Victor Durant has proved to be among the most unusual. The day of the scheduled interview, we received a strange package by DHL international delivery, with no return address.

The package contained a large red crystal (see attached photo). When we removed the crystal and set it down on our desk, it started to emit some sort of red mist. It took a few minutes, but as the mist thickened, we began to see images inside of the fog, and hear sounds. This was our introduction to Asharra and the long distance mechanism that transmitted our interview. It was Victor Durant calling .. and he wasn’t calling from Earth.

THE PLOT: This is definitely the strangest thing I have ever seen. I can make out a figure… no, there are TWO figures there… Victor, is that you?

VICTOR: Yes, thanks for the opportunity to speak with you. Sorry about the confusion. It takes awhile to grow a message crystal and getting it all the way to Earth really took some doing. (laughs)

THE PLOT: So you are still on Asharra, the land of the purple sky?

VICTOR: Oh yes, I am still looking overhead and seeing two suns.

IONERA: His name is Torvik.

THE PLOT: Excuse me?

IONERA: I said, his name is Torvik now. I renamed him after we met, since his Earth name was backwards. He’s thinking with his Greater Mind now.

TORVIK (VICTOR): Oh, I almost forgot … Ionera insisted that she be included in the interview. She has only known a few Earth people.

IONERA: (giggles) This is the first time I’ve ever seen one wearing, what do call them .. clothes? Do you all do that?

THE PLOT: Well, yes… this is definitely a first. We’ve never interviewed two guests who were completely in the nude.

TORVIK (VICTOR): (laughs) There are many differences between Asharra and Earth and lack of clothing is perhaps the least surprising one.

THE PLOT: (averting eyes) Yes, if you say so. Tell us, Victor.. I mean Torvik, what was it like being transported to an entirely different world and having your life turned upside down?

TORVIK: It was beyond description. One minute, my friend Zoe and I were standing in my father’s study on Earth, holding this artifact, which I now know was an Asharra-dobar, and the next minute, we’re both surrounded by a lush gold and red forest under a purple sky without any clothes. From that point, things really got strange when we met …

IONERA: You promised you weren’t going to talk about Zoe.

TORVIK: Right, you two still don’t quite get along. That’s understandable given what happened. In fact so much has happened since I arrived on Asharra. I’ve met so many unusual creatures, like the Oon, a telepathic tree who rolls himself into a ball to move around and Wole, a giant blue two legged bull who forced Zoe to be his apprentice.

IONERA: There you go talking about Zoe again.

TORVIK: Sorry. I’ll watch that. Anyway, while it was fascinating to learn all about Asharran culture and philosophy, you have to remember …

IONERA: (interrupting) Don’t tell about about the zimma berries! It’s better as a surprise.

TORVIK: As I was saying, you have to remember that what started for Zoe and I as a weird incident arriving on Asharra, soon became something of an epic quest. I needed to know why we were there, how we got there and how we could return home to Earth. Somehow, along the way, I got involved with the mystery of the Meeru, the entire business with the dragons and dreegins and the red crystalline being called the Eimiv, not to mention meeting Ionera and the rest of her family.

IONERA: While Torvik was finding his true nature and learning our ways, we both discovered, thanks to a little purple musical dreegin, that we both had a greater destiny on Asharra. Not even Zoe could change that.

THE PLOT: I see. So, would you describe your activities on Asharra as an adventure, a love story or a fantasy?

TORVIK: I suppose it’s all three. That’s what happens when you allow yourself to be carried along by the Winds of Asharra … strange and wonderful things begin to happen.

IONERA: Did I mention that my grandmother has a tail?

TORVIK: I think we should concentrate on the larger issues, Ionera. There are more than enough things about Asharra that Earth people would find fascinating without mentioning your grandmother’s tail.

IONERA: True. I’ll bet they don’t even have zim there (giggles) and we never would have found our way out of that tunnel if it wasn’t for zim.

THE PLOT: (sighs) I think I am losing control of this interview.

TORVIK: My apologies. This is our first long distance chat and the rules of behavior are a little different on Asharra. It took me a little while to get the hang of that.

IONERA: He thought my father was going to kill him when we first met.

THE PLOT: (sighs) Do you have any regrets?

TORVIK: Not a one. I am where I want to be and about to embark on the next step of my destiny, or in Asharran terms, my Kokayniah is true.

IONERA: I have one regret.

THE PLOT: Oh, what is it?

IONERA: I don’t appear in the first quarter of the book.

TORVIK: We hadn’t met yet.

IONERA: It’s still not fair.

TORVIK: The book is over 600 pages long. You are still in most of it.

THE PLOT: This book, the Winds of Asharra, was somehow transmitted to R. Leigh on Earth and transcribed for us to read. Are you aware that there is even some mystery surrounding your biographer, R. Leigh? Some say your biographer is male. Others say she’s female and still others say that the Winds of Asharra was written by two people. Could you clear this up?

TORVIK: There are elements on Earth which would not like to see the story of Asharra become public. Our biographer has been forced to hide his/her identity while on Earth in order to get the story out. You might remember that the government on Earth was after the Asharra-dobar when Zoe and I disappeared. That’s why I wanted to rescue my father and bring him to Asharra.

THE PLOT: I can not talk about Asharra without mentioning what a sensual place it is. Your customs are definitely not very common on Earth. I enjoyed reading about all of your friends but many things did surprise me.

TORVIK: Yes, I suppose in between all of what you might consider adventure, there is a lot of steam and sizzle, by Earth standards. Asharra is after all, Asharra. Our biographer, R. Leigh, wanted to mention the official website, and the fact that our story can be obtained at, B& and many other online bookstores. Please remember though, it shouldn’t be given to pre-teens, though.

IONERA: What’s a bookstore?

THE PLOT: Thank you Victor Durant and Ionera for appearing (quite literally) here on The Plot. We’ve enjoyed having you.

TORVIK: Thank you… we’ve enjoyed it.

IONERA: His name is Torvik now. I thought I told you that.


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  1. We’d like to thank you Rose, on behalf of R. Leigh, for the opportunity to speak with you and spread the word about Asharra to those on your planet. We really enjoyed it.

  2. Torvik: It’s awfully quiet here tonight.

    Ionera: I hope we didn’t break anything.

    Torvik: I’m not sure, but I think we may have frightened Rose away.

  3. My apologies. Busy pubs make for rude pub owners, I think.

    Thank you. It was a pleasure having you.

    I’m wondering though, are there any traditional drinks from Asharra that you would like to share with us?

  4. Ionera: Mostly fruit juices but transporting the ingredients all the way to Earth would probably be very difficult…

    Torvik: I still can’t get fully accustomed to our version of lemonade being blue, though.

    Ionera: Thanks again for having us!

  5. Yum, I’d love blue lemonade. Blue is one of my favourite colours.

    Truly, it was a pleasure.

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