Excerpt from One Foot Outside the Door

Some men spoke about their penises as if it were an extended member of their family. They’d literally damn near burst out of their pants to make the introduction, even before they knew your name. The thing they failed to realize was for most women, inches couldn’t compensate for character of a man’s worth.

Cyndarella Worthy’s mama always told her how to behave like a lady throughout much of her life. Except when it came to the subject of men. Perhaps had they had such conversations, it would have spared Cyn of consequential heartache she racked in dating deadbeats. Hell, Cyn pouted, most women don’t realize they’re dating a fucking’ loser until each layer is
peeled back piece by piece like an onion. So much so it ends up making everything around you tear.

First of all, you got to check of the outer layer. Of course he’s dangerously fine, like Terrance Howard. All the way down to that little smirk of a smile on his face that initially drives you wild. This is a man that any mother would pray her daughter would bring home. A well groomed professional man with the material trimmings that would make most women’s heart swoon and let’s not neglect to mention that big fat bank account.

Accompanying this package are the big boy toys, you know, the e Class Mercedes Benz, perhaps a Hummer or some other luxury SUV parked next to the Benz in his three-car garage. And imagine there is an empty spot waiting been saving just for you! He’s a go-getter on the fast track career wise. Heck, there ain’t anything sexier than a man on a mission!

Three months have passed and by now you’ve discovered the middle layer. Your potential Mr. Right is charming, blends in most social settings and loves to shower you with affection. And yes, you’ve hit the sheets with him to find he is equipped with a substantial sized tool to drill you deep in the wee hours of the night. Women lie when they say size don’t matter, Cyn reasoned. In her clinical experience, Cyn found fucking men with little dicks required much more work in order for her to achieve an orgasm. God forbid if they suffered from premature ejaculation! For her it wasn’t an option she desired to explore.

Getting to the inner layer some six months later you find that things aren’t quite working out. Mr. Right has fast become Mr. Wrong. He starts calling you less and making excuses why he’s been unavailable. And when you are together, his cell phone rings all through the night, and he can’t seem to keep his lies straight as to who’s on the other end of the phone. It is then you realize the object of your affection has started to show his ass and of course, it’s all because he thinks things are moving way too fast. He needs time to sort things out. Bottom line is, Mr. Lover man isn’t ready to commit and has moved on to his next conquest.

Examining herself, at thirty-two, Cyn was striking in appearance. Yet, she was further from the altar than she’d ever been. Not only that, Cyn had what she called the five B’s: bank, beauty, boobs, booty, and brains. And the fact she hadn’t become a member of the single mother’s club made her stick her chest out even more. But wouldn’t you know some people
viewed her as selfish because of this? That was their problem, not hers.

Thad Mitchell, Cyn’s latest flame was a bit different from the usual targets she dated. He was divorced with a four-year-old daughter. Normally, Cyn didn’t do men with babies’ mommas because she hated the drama that goes along with it. Too many of her girlfriends had suffered just because they made the mistake of falling in love with a man that had dependents. Despite their good intentions, some men never truthfully completely made a clean break.

It just so happened, Cyn lucked out because Thad’s ex had gotten hitched again overseas to a fellow naval officer, so Thad rarely got weekend visits. It was more of a long distance phone relationship. Heather, his ex, was great about sending family videos and photos. Thad visited twice a year, which Cyn encouraged because, she sure as hell didn’t want anything getting
in the middle of quality time with her man, mainly him drowning in his sorrows because he missed his little girl.

At eight months old, the relationship was still quite fresh and Thad agreed to something most men couldn’t seem to follow through on, courtship. That was the one stipulation Cyn had before she’d accepted a single date with a man. And if he wasn’t consistent, forget about it! Three months into their courtship, Thad didn’t fail her. With a demanding high profile career, Cyn rarely had time for anything more than an occasional fling every now and then. Not that
she minded variety at all, but Cyn had to admit, her favorite slogan, “A few good men,” was starting to get stale.

Thad was eye candy at its finest. At 6’5, weighing in around 280 pounds Thad’s body was definitely lean and mean. He had fair skin, and a strong jaw line accompanied by keen facial features that appeared like they had been chiseled into place. The thought alone of staring up into Thad’s piercing hazel eyes made her ache to be with him. Being with him felt right, and she was satisfied with the way they were progressing. She kept her fingers crossed that they would stay that way.


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