Vina St. Fran Interviews Cyndarella Worthy of One Foot Outside the Door

What a complicated love life you’ve lead. Your first love vanishes so you’re left all alone, you meet your second love and it blossoms into a totally committed relationship. Just when you’re about to tie the knot, your first love returns from, for lack of a better term – exile – and your life is thrown for a loop. Why do you think Bashar came back?

I think that Bashar came back for closure.

What did Thad have to say when you told him about Bashar’s return?

I didn’t tell him right away but when I did, Thad really lost it. He thinks that Bashar is up to no good. Why else would he return?

What made you fall in love with both men?

They are both amazing but in a different way.

If you’re still in love with your first, did you ever really love the second?

I think first loves are special and you always hold a place in your heart for them. I‘m not so sure I was in love with Bashar all of those years we were apart. We had four amazing years together before we separated. Of course, I loved Thad, but not in the way I had loved Bashar. He was the love of my life! Thad made me love again, but he didn’t make me fall in love with him, not that it mattered. It is only a matter of time before that will happen, I am sure.

If you could go back in time and stop Bashar from leaving, would you?

Oh hell yeah! But being the man I know Bashar to be, I know he would have left. My tears couldn’t drown out the principle character of who he is as a man. I have and always will accept that.

Have you thought about what you’re going to do now that Bashar has returned? Have you talked to either man about it?

Nothing has changed as far as I am concerned. I am still marrying Thad and Bashar is aware of that. However, I must admit, there seems to be an elephant in the room when I am with either Thad or Bashar.

Have your “girls” tried to sway you to choose one or the other?

My “girls” are terrified for me. They think this situation to too hot to handle knowing my history with both men. They are torn and want me to be happy. One in particular thinks that Thad is the one for me, although she admits Bashar understands me better.

We know that lovemaking is your release, we hate to ask, but are all men the same or do men of different cultures and or races make love and treat women differently?

I believe that each culture expresses love in a unique way that is most natural to them. Bashar was my first lover. In my experience, I found that Bashar, a Chaldean American loved me completely and deeply. Our love life was constantly reaching new heights, but we haven’t been together sexually in almost 15 years. I love him, and I accept him. With Thad, initially, he couldn’t wait to show me what he was made of. There was serious lust going on. He was proud of his sexual prowess and wasn’t shy expressing himself. I benefited from that. Thad isn’t as open about what his goals are for us are as a couple. He’s changing his mind all the time about his views on his career, and children. I’m starting to feel uncomfortable.

As a beautiful black woman what feature turns men on the most – it’s not your booty is it?

Geez! I hope not! I am the real deal here, you know? The whole package, I have looks, brains, and two FINE men who love me!

Has talking about Thad and Bashar today helped you to make up your mind about which you should choose?

Yes, I must admit that it has. Moving forward, I now know what it is I must do and I must act fast.


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  3. Rose,

    Thanks for allowing me to share my interview with the readers. I appreciate your support, immensely!
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  4. It was an absolute pleasure having you here, Vina.

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