Andrew Feder Interviews Nefertiri from The Heretic

The Music Fades….

Andrew – Welcome to “When Pigs Fly!” I am your host, Andrew Feder coming to you live from the Island of Crete in the year 303 before the common era. But first I want to thank for producing my show and I want to thank all my listeners and future listeners. I also want to thank the Black Ops of the government for use of their clandestine “Montauk” chair which I utilized in allowing me to go back in time instead going out of body like the last time. Now I have a very special guest that has been patiently waiting… She has allowed us to do the show from her home over looking the Mediterranean here in Crete. She is well known as Priestess of Isis and wife to the great warrior of his day. Yes I am speaking of the great warrior and friend and mentor of Alexander the Great and to his enemies they have called him “the Decapitator” and others like Aristotle he was call “The Heretic” – I am speaking of course to none other then Aias.

Nefertiri I want thank you for coming on my show and using your home to broadcast it.

Nefertiri – Your welcome and thank you for having me on your show.

Andrew – First, I want to tell you that your intoxicating beauty is making me nervous. By the way for my listeners, she has long flowing raven hair, skin of golden bronze and bright almond green eyes like emerald gems. And like most Egyptian royalty she is scantly clothed showing her exquisite feminine form. Damn I think that Aias might decapitate me for talking like this…

Nefertiri – (chuckle) Don’t worry… And anyway he’s too busy training his Elite Army.

Andrew- Great… I feel better now… Okay now let me ask you, Nefertiri. How did you two meet?

Nefertiri – Well, it was during a ceremony in the Temple of Isis. I was performing a ritual with Alexander and the priests when I caught his eye and like a school boy Aias clumsily fell. Later after the ceremony was over, I found Aias arrogantly washing his face in a sacred pond in the Temple. And well our eyes met… Our thoughts and minds met… And of course hearts… Our hearts well you know…

Andrew – Sounds romantic…

Nefertiri – Yes it was and has continued to be… very romantic… I guess we are both lucky to have found one another. We are definitely soul mates…

Andrew – So let me ask you an odd question.

Nefertiri – Go ahead and ask.

Andrew – How did you feel when you were first courting knowing his infamous reputation?

Nefertiri – Reputation? You mean Aias has a reputation? (She laughs)

Andrew – Well, I guess he has several. One of course is his striking brutality on the battlefield, but I am talking about his well known erotic adventures all along the Mediterranean? To many he seems cold and callous and to the women of the world he is…

Nefertiri – Their sexual desire… Their erotic desire fulfilled… Aias is definitely unique. But the more you know him you will come to realize the deep compassion and feeling he has. He would probably be pissed for me saying this but… Anyway he is more sensitive then you realize. Only those close to him realize his deep compassion and sensitivity. And as far his past that was in the past… Today is today… And our relationship is based upon mutual understanding of each other’s feeling as well acceptance for who we really are… And that includes our past experiences. The bottom line is our mutual respect and great communication.

Andrew – Fascinating… Who would have thought that Aias was such a sensitive man? But I guess being married to you, Nefertiri he must have all the attributes of a great husband and as well as lover. You said you met him at the Temple of Isis. What commonalities do you both have since you are from different parts of the world?

Nefertiri – Spiritually… We are very similar…

Andrew – Spiritually? He is known to be “The Heretic” because of his spiritual beliefs like believing in an infinite God. Are you a Heretic as well?

Nefertiri – Well let’s say we both look at our world in an infinite perspective.

Andrew – Wow, you are not only quite beautiful but quite intelligent and explicit.

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It is fascinating that Aias is a very spiritual man along with being quite compassionate as well. Is there an incident that would exemplify his deep compassion and sensitivity?

Nefertiri – Yes. There was… The day Alexander died. In all the years I’ve known Aias that was the day most solemn and the day I was his mother and he was like a child in my arms. He was definitely in tears in both heart and mind. That day showed how his love and devotion was paramount for his loved ones. That day I will never forget. I will never forget his whimper. In fact that is the only day I felt his heart whimper in such deep sadness.

Andrew – Wow… That was deep. Well it seems all we’ve talked about was Aias, but I am sure that our listeners are curious about you. First could you tell us a little of yourself.

Nefertiri – Sure. First I was born in Memphis. My mother like me was a Priestess of Isis and my father was a prince of Egypt.

Andrew – Was?

Nefertiri – Yes they passed away in my youth.

Andrew – I am sorry.

Nefertiri – Thanks. Well, I lived my life in a very spiritual context while always striving for the greater understanding while carrying out my duties as the Priestess of Isis. During the Persian occupation of Egypt, I felt repressed of my free expression. The Persians would often push their religious beliefs on us and limit us from expressing ours. So during these times I felt very mechanical until Alexander’s Liberation. But I did manage to keep a separation of the mechanical life to my spiritual life. It seems that when I met Aias it was like a rebirth of myself, because it was the first time I could speak of my inner most thoughts and feelings. And I believe it was mutual. And then… From then on my life of the physical became one with my spiritual… And that every day… And every moment love has become a greater growth within me and around me… And I must say that I found that there is no way to happiness; happiness is the way… And that love is both adjective and adverb.

Andrew –
Wow that was truly amazing… Well our time has come to end and I want to thank you Nefertiri for taking your time and giving us this great opportunity to hear your words and thoughts. Thank you for coming on my show and of course using your lovely grounds for the broadcast.

Nefertiri – Your very welcome and thanks for having me on your show.

Andrew – Again thank you all for listening. And what perfect way to end this interview from the words of Nefertiri – “that there is no way to happiness; happiness is the way… And that love is both adjective and adverb.” Love & Light. Thank you…

The Music fades back in…


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