Interview with Dr. Thomas Hamilton of The Samson Effect

We are fortunate to have with us today three adventurers who have an unlikely alliance. Let me introduce you to Dr. Thomas Hamilton, a biblical archeologist and professor at a New England University; Dr. Michael Sieff, a biblical linguist; and Delia Ebadi, a former female Palestinian assassin. Welcome to the three of you. By the sounds of it, we are in for quite an interesting interview.

Dr. Hamilton, let’s start with you. Tell us a little about your latest project and then a little about how the three of you managed to get together.

Thomas: Great. First, on behalf of the three of us, thank you for having us with you today. We are actually in search of one of the most interesting secrets in biblical history. I’m sure you’re familiar with the character of Samson in the Old Testament; well, we believe that the substance which gave him his great strength has been hidden throughout history. My best friend since college, Dr. Michael Sieff, and I have uncovered evidence that this substance exists and we are on the verge of discovering it.

Wow. Very interesting. I guess that explains how you and Dr. Sieff got together; but Delia, how did you get hooked up with these two explorers?

Delia: Well, it’s kind of funny you should ask. When I first met Dr. Hamilton, I was a Palestinian assassin. You see, my brother is one of the most powerful leaders in the city of Hebron, Israel. That’s where the Samson Effect is believed to be hidden. But my brother is not the nicest guy you will meet. In fact, he has forced me, his own sister, to kill his enemies on many occasions. He is feared by all who know him, even by his own family.

Michael: Yes, Delia, but tell them about us.

Delia: I was getting to that. You see, Michael and I have kind of a history. My brother enrolled me in one of Dr. Sieff’s classes last year and we sort of fell for each other. As you can imagine, if my brother ever finds out, he would kill us both.

You two are taking a huge chance, aren’t you?

Thomas: Let me answer that. YES! If you saw the way they acted in public, you would think they had a death wish. Her brother has made it clear that nothing will stand in his way of finding the Samson Effect. In his deluded mind, he plans on raising an army of solders as strong as Samson to sweep through the world and cleanse it in the name of Islam. And he has gone to great, and painful, lengths to force Michael and I to work for him in finding the Samson Effect. There’s no telling what he would do in his rage if he knew about Michael and Delia.

I can see that you three have your hands full. Please be careful. I would love to have you back if you do, indeed , discover the ancient secret of the Samson Effect.

Michael: We will. But I beg to differ with my friends here. I don’t think that Delia’s brother is the biggest obstacle we have to contend with. You see, there’s a Jewish sect that has existed for over three thousand years Their primary responsibility it is to protect the Samson Effect, or the Lord’s Strength, as they call it. They’re the ones I am most fearful of. They have pledged their lives and their wealth to keep it from falling into the hands of outsiders.

Delia: Michael has a point. Between all the dangers we have to face, we all have lost people who are close to us. It’s sobering to remember that this is not a game. It’s life and death. Sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it. Each of us have committed to a series of actions that cannot be undone. Sometimes we wake up and realize that everyone we know is a potential enemy. The only people we can trust are the three of us. And sometimes that’s even in question.

Thomas: I hate to break this up, but Delia’s brother isn’t far behind. For our own safety, we need to be on the move. Thanks for your time and for the opportunity to speak with you and your audience. If we make it through this alive, we would love to speak with you again.

By all means. Do what you have to do. We will be watching, and reading, about your adventures. Stay safe and thanks for taking the risk to speak with us today. We will be happy to keep tabs on you at


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  1. Now that was an excellent interview, it really gives us an insight into how the characters behave, think and react to people. It lets us into what these characters are really like. The interview showed how Dr. Hamilton iven the opportunity likes to lead, both the situation and lead other people, he likes to have a certain amount of control over others. Again excellent interview. Bravo to Tony Eldridge for writing the Book and to all three characters we wish they return from their adventures unscathed and safe.

  2. What a great interview! Tony you are an incredible author and your characters burst from the pages taking the reader along with them on their quest. Bravo my friend!

  3. Hi Tony,
    Your characters give a great interview and the story sounds fascinating.


  4. Your interview has thoroughly piqued my curiosity – what a great way to introduce your characters!

  5. Michael,Delia & Thomas are amazing people. Tony’s book shows them to be resourceful,determined,funny & brave. I so enjoyed this book and I’m thirsting for more! C’mon,Tony! Hurry UP!


  6. Thanks for all the kind words everyone… and thanks to The Plot for letting my characters have a voice.

    Tony Eldridge

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