Interview with Summer Jackson from A Special Summer by Victoria Wells

Controversy is the buzz surrounding Summer Jackson and her love affair with savvy, businessman, Nick Stiles. Word on the street has it Summer and Nick’s world wind romance is tainted by deceit, heartbreak and threats.

Today, we have with us, in person Summer Jackson to give us her side of the story and to set the record straight.

Reporter: Good afternoon, Summer. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview with The Plot.

Summer: Oh, you’re welcome. Thanks for allowing me a chance to tell my version of what’s going on with Nick and me.

Reporter: Very well then, let’s jump right into it. For several months you and Nick were the sweetheart couple of Philadelphia’s African American society. However, people are whispering that the flame has been doused in your once heated love affair. Is this true?

Summer: Umm, well…things aren’t what they used to be with us right now.

Reporter: Why is that?

Summer: Because Nick thinks I’ve lied to him and betrayed him in the worst way.

Reporter: Why would he think such an awful thing, Summer?

Summer: Well…because I withheld some very important information from him. I know I shouldn’t have done so…but I did.

Reporter: I see…What was your reason for withholding this information?

Summer: There are a couple of reasons why I did this. For one, I believed there were certain things in Nick’s life he didn’t want to commit to. And another reason is that I felt some way, some how, our signals got crossed.

Reporter: Can you please explain what you mean?

Summer: Although he told me he wasn’t into long-term relationships I thought since we were dating exclusively he had changed his mind. You know, we almost dated for an entire year before he broke things off.

Reporter: You mean he just out of the clear blue ended the relationship without an explanation?

Summer: The only explanation Nick really gave was that his work came first. He was in the process of going out of the country on business for several months. I knew that his work would always come before me. But I never thought it would become an excuse to end our relationship.

Reporter: I can see where the lines of communication may have become crossed. One minute he’s saying he’s not into long-term relationships, but then decides to date you exclusively, only to end up breaking things off with you because of work. I guess this was a real shock for you?

Summer: Of course it was. I wasn’t expecting him to marry me or anything. But to just up and walk out of my life was…devastating.

Reporter: I can imagine. Is it rue Nick is threatening you with legal action?

Summer: Unfortunately, yes it’s true.

Reporter: Can you elaborate on the legal actions he’s taking against you?

Summer: No, I don’t wish to do so. I don’t want to give people the wrong impression of Nick and our situation. All I can say right now is that things are extremely complicated.

Reporter: It sounds as if you’re very protective of Nick. Why is that especially when he’s threatening legal action?

Summer: I know people are gossiping and saying I don’t have a backbone or I’m letting Nick walk all over me. What these people don’t understand is that as an only child I’ve lived a sheltered life. Dealing with a man of Nick’s stature has been a new experience for me. He’s the only man I’ve ever dated or loved. No one but me knows how good things were once between us. They don’t know how he treated me with the utmost respect as a woman and his lover. And they certainly don’t know how special we both made each other feel.

Reporter: You’re absolutely right Summer. Most people other than your close friends or family would only know this. However, because of the drastic changes in your relationship does this give Nick the right to behave the way he has?

Summer: I’m not excusing Nick’s behavior, but going into this relationship I had no idea he was still dealing with serious deep seeded issues from a past relationship. You see, he was involved with someone he wanted to marry only to find out she had deceived and betrayed him. I guess he’s reacting this way because the circumstances of what happened to him years ago is somewhat similar to what we’re dealing with now.

Reporter: Although the circumstance may be similar, why does this past relationship you’re speaking of have anything to do with you?

Summer: Honestly, it really doesn’t have anything to do with me. But because his ex-lover intentionally deceived and betrayed him, he thinks I’ve done the same. I love Nick with all my heart. I would never do anything to hurt him or cause him harm…never.

Reporter: Summer I’m not doubting your love for Nick. However, it’s only fair to ask you this. If you say you love him and never wanted to cause him harm, again, help us to understand why you withheld important information from him?

Summer: Well, I really didn’t want to go this far into my personal life. But I think I must in order to shed some light and answer your question. A while back Nick and I had a conversation about a certain situation. He made it painfully clear to me that he did not want any part of this particular situation. Therefore, I felt it was necessary when the issue presented itself that I wouldn’t tell him about it because I already knew what his feelings were on the subject.

Reporter: So now that he does know, what are you going to do about it? Do you think you guys can work things out?

Summer: I know he feels as though I’ve intentionally deceived him. That was never my motive. Keeping my secret was just as much for his benefit as mine. The only thing at this point I can do is pray he realizes I did what I did because I love him. I pray he sees my actions were meant to protect him and not hurt him. As far as working things out, I’m optimistic that once Nick really, really listens to my side of the story he’ll understand why I couldn’t to tell him the truth.

Reporter: Well Summer, thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope things work out between you and Nick.

Summer: So do I.


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  1. Thanks for sharing Summer with us. This sounds like a great book.


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