Interview With Jenna From The Pink Forest

missauthor: So Jenna, I understand that you are on a quest for fire, you are looking for passion!

Jenna: Yes. I am making an elaborate attempt to find passion.

missauthor: Do you think you will know it when you find it?

Jenna: That is the most troubling equation of all!

missauthor: Yes! You have crafted an astounding quest, but to be a seeker of something as extraordinary as passion…well it just may be something that is out of your reach. You know, it isn’t like bringing in the morning newspaper. Why did you choose to undertake such a quest?

Jenna: I’ve been living my life in dead ends. It is time to recognize my feelings.

missauthor: You mean it is time to welcome yourself to your life.

Jenna: Yes.

missauthor: Can you expand on this please?

Jenna: Well, sometimes I am a soul in tank tops and shorts and other times I am a dress of fabulous frocks, but who am I really?

missauthor: Go on.

Jenna: Am I a dress code, an updated price tag, a leather tote bag, a hot selling perfume?

missauthor: Go on.

Jenna: Am I just days of coffee runs, drive-thru restaurants, commericial breaks and TV news?

missauthor: Go on.

Jenna: I fear I am just a face rummaging through my purse in search of keys. I am actually looking forward to day I lose all my keys and then see what I become! Seriously though, are these daily occurrences destined to be my memorable moments?

(this interviewer smiles a moment and then slowly begins)

missauthor: With all due respect, it is our daily obligations that become our noble character flaws. Sometimes we get so carried away with life that we don’t have the time to tackle a whisper. The panning of life’s full narration cannot be heard over the screaming telephone lines!

Jenna: I have always tried to please my conscience and do everything so right, almost as if i am a shrine into the law of the correct. When is there time to toss a beach ball? When is it time to come out and play?

missauthor: (rubbing her chin thoughtfully) Is this about snapping up opportunities?

Jenna: No. It is about the soft glow of emotion.

missauthor: Please continue.

Jenna: It is time for my feelings to no longer be side gigs. I want to know what they are and not greet them as if they are strangers. I want to step outside of the promenades and the airport terminals. I want to connect to all that I am. I want to do what is un-imagined. I want to slip out of my conscience and into something more comfortable, my life.

missauthor: (missauthor wipes a tear from her eye) Thank you for this interview.


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