Interview with Cassie Evans from Discovery in Passion

Each month, the PASSIONate Reader invites it’s townsfolk to take a moment to talk and give the readers a little glimpse into themselves and the things that interest them. Today, we have a newcomer to our town.

Cassie Evans came from a large city to start a new life right here in our very own town of Passion. She was kind enough to spare me some time between starting up her new business, The Trinket Shop, which I’m sure will be a hit here in our small town, and getting settled in her home.

Welcome Cassie, what a pleasure it is to be speaking with you today.

Cassie: The pleasure is all mine.

PASSIONate Reader: It must be quite a shock, coming from the bustling big city life of Calgary to small town living. Tell us how you’re finding living in Passion so far.

Cassie: It’s quiet. The nights especially. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a cricket before in my life. And storms are much bigger and bolder it seems. But I think the strangest thing for me to get used to is the fact that I can walk anywhere I need to go. Living in Calgary, it would sometimes take me half an hour to get to where I was going. Where as here, I can walk two blocks and I’m at work, or at the bank, or the local pub.

PASSIONate Reader: You’ve lived in the city all your life then?

Cassie: Yes I have.

PASSIONate Reader: What made you decide to pull up stakes in your home town and move all the way out here to Passion?

Cassie: I wanted a change. I wanted to go somewhere and start over. Passion seemed like the perfect place to do that.

PASSIONate Reader: Had you ever heard of Passion before moving here?

Cassie: Never.

PASSIONate Reader: You’re a very brave lady to move somewhere that’s foreign to you where you don’t know anyone. Have you become acquainted with anyone in the town since moving here?

Cassie: I’ve gotten to know quite a few of the townsfolk, especially my hunky next door neighbor, Thomas Healy.

PASSIONate Reader: He is a yummy piece of eye candy. I hear you’ve also hired a few of the locals to work in your new shop.

Cassie: Yes I have. Jaycee and Bell have been so helpful to me. They truly are a treasure.

PASSIONate Reader: And your home? How are you finding that?

Cassie: Haunted!

PASSIONate Reader: So you’ve heard the rumors of the old Talbot house then?

Cassie: If you mean the fact that Edward and Luanne Talbot were killed in my house by their only son and they now haunt the property? Yep. But it’s not a rumor. The place really is haunted.

PASSIONate Reader: You believe it’s haunted then?

Cassie: Honey, I don’t just believe it, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, and that yummy eye candy neighbor of mine has as well.

PASSIONate Reader: Can you tell the readers then, what it is you claim to have seen.

Cassie: It’s funny how skeptical people are. What have I seen? I’ve seen Eddie Talbot dart up the stairs and head to the washroom to wash up. I’ve heard him argue with someone and lastly, I’ve seen his corpse draped over his desk with half his head missing. Well, not really missing because it’s splattered on the wall behind him.

PASSIONate Reader: When do you plan to open up The Trinket Shop?

Cassie: Changing the subject won’t change the facts. My house is haunted by the dead who, for some reason, are trying to tell me something. And as soon as I figure it out, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

Miss Evans seems like a decent enough woman. She certainly is making a name for herself not just for her business soon to open in Passion, but for her slinky wardrobe and flashy sports car. And I’m sure if she continues to speak of her claim to see ghosts she’ll make an even bigger name for herself.
Though I’m not sure it’s a name she’ll be proud to carry with her.

Next month on The PASSIONate Reader we’ll be talking with Thomas Healy and finding out what brought the famous painter to Passion and why he’s working as a handyman for the locals when he’s worth millions.


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