Interview with Lindsay O’Neil from I’m Watching You

Kendall Shaw reporting here for Channel 10 news. Today I’m interviewing Lindsay O’Neil, the director of Sanctuary Women’s Shelter and a staff social worker at the county’s local Mental Health offices. She keeps a schedule that would crush the average person, but the long hours don’t seem to bother her. She is not only passionate about the women and children who enter her shelter but to putting an end to domestic violence. Earlier today, Lindsay sat down at a local coffee shop to talk to me.

Lindsay is an attractive woman in her late twenties. Everything about her speaks to her practical nature: shoulder length blonde hair swept up in a tight ponytail; neat, short nails; t-shirt, jeans and running shoes. She’s slender to the point of fragile.

Kendall: Lindsay! It’s a pleasure to finally speak with you. You’re a hard woman to catch up with.

Lindsay: Right. Sorry, I had to cancel our last appointment. We had a bit of trouble at the shelter that I had to deal with.

Kendall: Nothing too serious, I hope?

Lindsay: The usual. (She sips her house blend coffee. Cream. Two sugars. Her hands shakes just slightly.)

Kendall: You have a lot of problems at the shelter?

Lindsay: It’s a shelter for women fleeing domestic violence. Trouble comes with the territory. Nothing we couldn’t handle.

Kendall: Honestly, you look beat.

Lindsay: I’m fine.

Kendall: Right. Tell me a little about yourself. You’re from the area but I understand you went to college in California.

Lindsay: Yes. I attended the University of Southern California in L.A. I majored in Social Work.

Kendall: L.A. is a long way from home. How’d you end up out there?

Lindsay: It just seemed the place to be after my mother passed away. I was looking for a fresh start.

Kendall: And yet you came back to the east coast after you got your degree.

Lindsay: There’s no place like home I guess. I’ve always felt drawn to Virginia. I thought I could leave it forever, but I couldn’t.

Kendall: Did you meet your husband in Richmond?

Lindsay: (She pales.) Soon to be ex-husband. Yes, I met Zack here.

Kendall: Zack Kier is a cop, right? A homicide detective?

Lindsay: Yes. I thought I was here to talk about the shelter and the fundraiser we are planning.

Kendall: Seems odd you’d return to Richmond and end up married to a homicide detective.

Lindsay: I don’t see your point.

Kendall: Didn’t your father kill your mother? And that trouble you are referring to at the shelter…didn’t your assistant find the mutilated body of a local attorney behind the shelter?

Lindsay: (Silence)

Kendall: Murder follows you, doesn’t it?

Lindsay: I think this interview is over, Ms. Shaw.

(Without another word, Lindsay rises and leaves the shop. A quick glance back and Kendall sees the raw pain simmering in Lindsay’s eyes.)


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  1. LOL, I loved this! Thank you for hosting Mary on her virtual book tour, JM!

  2. I’m reading this book right now and can’t seem to put it down.

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