Excerpt from Dr. Offigs Lessons from the dark Side – Volume 1


To my dearest, most charming, intelligent
and might I add,
particularly shrewd reader:

Please allow me to take a moment to thank you.

“Thank me?” I hear you cry. “But why would you do that?”

It is simple. I want to thank you for reading my book, and I want to particularly commend you for showing such remarkable good taste and superior intelligence in choosing it!

I know that at this very moment you are sitting and reading, and this makes a scholarly old man like me very happy. Perhaps you are in a park, or you are sitting in your favorite cozy chair; you might even be sitting on a bus or a train or maybe- just maybe- you are safely tucked under the shelter of your bedcovers with only a flashlight and my words for company.

Books, you see, are a window to another world, and I have dedicated my entire life to studying that other world. It is a place full of dark mysteries and things that cannot be explained through scientific methods. But with me as your guide, you will learn to recognize (and perhaps even appreciate!) those things that defy explanation.

Shall we travel there together? Then let’s be on our way!

Dr. Offig


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