One Small Victory by Maryann Miller

Life can change in just an instant.

That’s the harsh reality that Jenny Jasik faces when her son is killed in an automobile accident, but never in her wildest dreams did she ever expect to be working undercover as a member of a drug task force.

She is, after all, just a Mom.

But a Mom can do amazing things when she puts her mind to it and a lot is at stake.


As a journalist and author, Maryann Miller amassed credits for feature articles and short fiction in numerous national and regional publications. The Rosen Publishing Group in New York published nine of her non-fiction books including the award-winning, Coping With Weapons and Violence in School and On Your Streets, which is in its third printing.

Doubletake, a mystery written as Sutton Miller, was published by Clocktower Books. She has also written several screenplays and stage plays, and was the Theatre Director at the Trails Country Centre for the Arts in East Texas for five years. Miller is currently the Managing Editor of, an online community magazine for a small town in East Texas where she lives on some acreage with her husband, a horse, two goats, three cats, two dogs, and a variety of wild critters that wander through.


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  1. Having lost a son myself–I understand your emotion here.

    The book sounds like it comes from your soul.

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