Interview with the Spirit from Kill 4 Me by Joel M. Andre

JMA : Tonight we welcome the vengeful spirit in Kill 4 Me.

Spirit: Thank you for having me.

JMA: Let us begin with your name. I noticed you were never mentioned by name in the book.

Spirit: I prefer to remain anonymous. It helps set the mood for my victims.

JMA: If that is your preference. While tormenting the main character Casey Dwyer you ask her to do some terrible things. What makes you qualified to demand she kill for you?

Spirit: Her selfishness resulted in my death. I wanted her to experience in life what I was suffering in death.

JMA: I’m not sure how that makes you the better person.
Spirit: I am damned for eternity. My suffering was to become her suffering.

JMA: Was there ever a point you felt remorse for your actions again Casey or any of your victims?

Spirit: Of course not. No one died that was of any importance to me. They were shallow individuals that cared for Casey. That alone made them as disgusting as her. I had just as much right to live as they did. If you continue your bleeding heart towards that girl, we can meet up after this interview.

JMA: That will not be necessary. Why the decision to use the PC and cell phone for communication with Casey? There are so many different ways for you to make contact.

Spirit: I wanted to speak to her on my terms. If she was at the grocery store, I didn’t want to wait until she was home to write something cryptic on the wall. It made for great communication.

JMA: Have you considered an endorsement deal with a cell phone company?

Spirit: I don’t do endorsements.

JMA: So why did you lead people to believe Casey was going crazy the whole time?

Spirit: That was the best part; she simply went mad on her own! I was very fortunate to have a victim who was ready to break down. We had a great time.

JMA: Of all your victims, was there one you felt you went a little too far with before killing?

Spirit: I felt bad for Theresa. I really did. She probably was the most real and honest one that I killed. Had she used better judgment in friends, she would have been left alone.

JMA: Did you ever kill anyone while you were still alive? I hardly believe with your anger that you never attempted to kill while alive.
Spirit: No one ticked me off quite like Casey did. If someone does something to piss you off in life, you can get over it. An eternity of torment kind of changes how long a rage lasts.

JMA: So if your interaction with Casey had never happened, you wouldn’t have killed anyone?

Spirit: Casey is solely responsible for my killings and the torment I have brought to her. Perhaps people will be more cautious in life to avoid a similar situation from happening to them.

JMA: That seems like quite a bit of blame to place on someone.

Spirit: Why not have someone kill you, and never be able to say goodbye to those you loved. We’ll see what a great mood you are in.

JMA: Didn’t you die from cancer? The organ you needed was damaged because of Casey. So I would imagine you would have said your goodbyes before you went into surgery.

Spirit: The organ transplant was a last chance deal. I only had a handful of days left to live. She kind of ruined the chance for me, and I slipped into a coma.

JMA: So there was a chance that you could have died from that alone, perhaps your torture of Casey was unjust?

Spirit: I don’t like the tone of that question, and I refuse to answer it.

JMA: Tell us something that no one knows about you.

Spirit: I can play the piano and used the sounds during my last few months to soothe the pain I felt in life.

JMA: If you could say something to Casey right now, what would it be?

Spirit: I have nothing further to say to her. I have since moved on. There is a great new man in my life.

JMA: So the two of you have found happiness? Can you tell me about this secret gentleman?

Spirit: Well, all I can say is that I am the happy one in our relationship.

JMA: Will you be making any future appearances that we can let the readers know about?

Spirit: While I am open to making a return. I don’t have any plans for another book in the near future.

JMA: Thank you for your time today.

Spirit: Thank you for the chance to interview with you. Keep an eye on your cell phone, I may be in contact shortly. Please also let your readers know they can contact me and ask their own questions at

JMA: I will do that. Thank you again for your time.


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