Dead Ringer by Mary Burton

dead-ringerRichmond detectives Zack Kier and Jacob Warwick find themselves investigating a killing spree by a strangler who manages to leave no physical evidence.

All they find with the bodies are simple charms, each bearing a different woman’s name and an uncanny resemblance to local television anchor Kendall Shaw.

On the hunt for a story, Kendall manages to dog their every step as they struggle to find pieces to the deadly puzzle. She’s determined to keep investigating the murders and not just because she’s been stuck behind the anchor desk too long.

It’s because, eerily, clue after clue strikes a chord with her. She’s certain that something in her past holds the key to stopping the killing–and Jacob agrees. The more the two dig into the victims’ backgrounds, the more terrifying the discoveries, and the more certain they both are that Kendall is the ultimate prize.


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