Interview Between Kendall Shaw and Jacob Warwick from ‘Dead Ringer’

dead-ringerKendall Shaw reporting here for Channel 10 News. Today I’m interviewing Detective Jacob Warwick local homicide detective who donates his time and energy to charity boxing matches. He is a thirteen-year veteran of the police department, a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and a decorated army ranger.

Detective Warwick stands several inches over six feet. He keeps in shape boxing at the local gym and in charity boxing bouts. His hair is military short and his nose appears to have been broken at least once.

Kendall: Detective Warwick. Thank you for taking the time to speak to me.

Warwick: You have two minutes Ms. Shaw.

Kendall: Personable as always.

Warwick: One minute fifty seconds.

Kendall: I understand you won your charity boxing match last week.

Warwick: (He flexes his right hand still bruised from the fight) I did.

Kendall: It was a charity event?

Warwick: That’s right. For the Boys Sports Program.

Kendall: Why that program?

Warwick: Boxing helped me channel a lot of energy when I was a kid. The sport saved me.

Kendall: You were in foster care.

Warwick: Not exactly. I got into some trouble—I egged a boxing gym—and the owner caught me and dragged me home to my mother. When he saw what a drunk she was, he took me under his wing. He taught me boxing. The sport gave me focus. My hope is that’ll it will do the same for other kids.

Kendall: You were golden gloves in the army?

Warwick: That’s right. When I got out I joined the police force and got my degree at night.

Kendall: You’re investigating the murder of two women, both strangled. One woman was a secretary and the other a waitress. Have you found a connection between these women?

Warwick: We are here to talk about the charity event.

Kendall: Can’t you tell me what is going on with the case?

Warwick: The only connection is their manner of death. Strangulation. And as I’ve said, they both bare a resemblance to you.

Kendall: (Pausing) I don’t see the similarities.

Warwick: I do.

Kendall: (Shuffling through notes) I understand the first victim’s husband was a suspect.

Warwick: We’ve cleared him. And as I’ve told you before, the killer is choosing women who look like you. Be careful, Ms. Shaw.

Kendall: I told you I can take care of myself.

Warwick: Don’t bet on it.

(Without another word Kendall shut off her tape recorder and left the interview room.)

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  1. Mary,

    Great Interview!

    Good luck with the rest of your tour.


  2. I was hoping the interview would be between these two. 🙂

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