Interview with Master Telegu, The Red Dragon From ‘Sam’s Quest: The Royal Trident, Book 2’ by Ben Furman

the-royal-trident-cover“I have just a few more questions, Master Telegu,” the young dragonette reporter for the Dragonian Times said.

“Oh, very well, but be quick about it. I am busy, busy, busy guarding all this treasure,” Master Telegu replied and ruffled his red scales to display his magnificence and signal his impatience.

“You are the most intelligent of all creatures that live in the World of Bergeron. Correct?”

“Yes. Of course that is correct and this is known throughout Bergeron and beyond,” Master Telegu said cautiously and peered down his long nose at the reporter.

“I see,” the dragonette reporter replied. “Then can you explain to my readers how you were bested by Samantha Costas, a lowly Outworlder? I don’t underst….”

“Bested! Bested! Never!” Master Telegu bellowed as he stretched upward to his full height. “Leave my cave instantly you insolent little beast before I make you toast.”

“I’m so sorry if I offended you Master Telegu. It’s just that word has gotten around that she answered your most difficult riddle and you failed to answer hers. And because of that you granted her one wish. Is that correct?”

“Lucky, she just got lucky, that is all,” Master Telegu said as the puffs of smoke from his flaring nostrils lessened. “But what do you mean that ‘word has gotten around,’ around where?” Master Telegu furrowed his brow.

“The subject comes up now and then at the Dragon University pub. Students think if true, it’s pathetic that the highly touted intellectual Master Telegu couldn’t figure out a simple child’s riddle,” the dragonette purred.

“Miss Samantha’s riddle was far too difficult for even my superior intelligence to solve. And if I could not then it would be impossible for anyone else,” Master Telegu said as he nervously rocked back and forth. “Remember, she is not just another dullard Outworlder. She is the mighty Seeker, the keeper of the Crimson Crystal and the savior of the World of Bergeron. Her ballad is sung throughout the land. Lowly, indeed! She told me that she just guessed the answer to my riddle, and she said that I remain the most intelligent of all creatures. Hmmm, she did leave out splendid for some reason. Oh, well.”

“Thank you so much for your time, Master Telegu. Before I go, could you please recite Miss Samantha’s riddle for me. It would be a good touch for my article. I can run a contest to see if anyone can arrive at the correct answer.”

“Certainly, though no one will,” Master Telegu huffed.

I am never seen, but I can be heard.
Until spoken to, I never speak.
Who am I?

“Let me think for a moment,” the dragonette said. She closed her notebook, shuffled to the cave entrance and flapped her wings to warm them as she prepared to fly away.

“Don’t you want the answer? You will need the answer for the contest,” Master Telegu asked.
As the dragonette lifted into the air she said, “Not really. The answer is ECHO!”

Master Telegu’s fiery roar echoed throughout the deep caverns and chased the dragonette across the sky as she flew at breakneck speed toward the safety of the Black Mountains.


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  1. Telegu is one of my favorite characters from Book 2. This is a great interview!


  2. He’s my favourite character from book 2 as well. 🙂

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