Interview with Yoseph from The Messiah Interviews by Jerry J. Pollock

messiah-interviewsJerry: Yoseph, you have overstepped the limits I set for you as the main character in my book.

Yoseph: How so? I thought you wrote the Messiah Interviews to discover Divine Truth.

Jerry: I did. However, you are supposed to be me.

Yoseph: I am you.

Jerry: No, you’ve gone beyond me.

Yoseph: Oh! The part about me thinking I’m really the Messiah, and that I’m not just being interviewed to be the Messiah.

Jerry: Yes, and I’m worried that you are having one of your Bipolar Disorder manic episodes or you are possibly hypomanic.

Yoseph: You know better than that Jerry. After all, everything I know, I have learned from you. You taught me that mania is a more excited state than hypomania where you can no longer reach the person. The manic person hears you but is really not listening to you. I’m listening to you and integrating what you are telling me. Further, to say that I’m hypomanic is plain ridiculous. I haven’t had an episode of Bipolar Disorder or manic depression for going on twelve years now.

Jerry: Well, how do you explain that you think you are the Messiah?

Yoseph: It’s all in your book. That second to last chapter where the Hebrew Prophet, Isaiah, interviews me. Isaiah wrote in riddles about the identity of the Messiah and the time of the Messianic Age. All I’m doing is solving the riddles. No harm done.

Jerry: Yes you are solving riddles. However, the riddles have to apply to me as well as you, since I am you or rather you are me. My middle name is Joseph, don’t forget.

Yoseph: Exactly. You’re a little slow for a Professor and research scientist. Get with the program, Jerry. I let you use me in a fictional setting, so that “we” could claim to be the Messiah by solving the riddles and referring back to the non-fictional Divine miracles we experienced to back up our answers.

Jerry: Of course, I wrote a fiction. How else could I do it? However, I never claimed to be the Messiah. You did that. They’d put me back in the psychiatric ward if I claimed to be the Messiah.

Yoseph:You know Jerry, if you ever went back, I would have to go back with you and I don’t want to relive that hell again. Okay, I admit it. It’s only me that is claiming to be the Messiah in your book.

Jerry: Don’t be afraid Yoseph. We have an unshakable belief in the Creator and we have kicked out Bipolar Disorder from our bodies because it is not welcome inside of us anymore. We have also become totally feeling people and have eliminated 99 percent of our neurosis in Primal Therapy. We’re almost there. Almost at inner peace and I’m grateful for every part of our life because it’s brought us to who we are and where we are today. We have become spiritual human beings who taste not only God’s fragrance but His wine.

Yoseph: That’s all very reassuring, but we still have the problem of the
riddles and the Messiah.

Jerry: I’m a scientist Yoseph and as a scientist, the first thing you do is to form a hypothesis. That’s exactly what we have done in the Messiah Interviews. The hypothesis is that you are to be interviewed by the angel Gabriel, the Seven Shepherds or Seven Princes who will assist the Messiah at the End of Days (Methuselah, Chanoch, Seth, King David, Moses, Jacob and Abraham), and the prophet Isaiah. The hypothesis was never that you were the Messiah. That was a stretch of your imagination.

Yoseph: Well, I’m taking your hypothesis one step further and turning it into a theory. After all I’m a scientist too, smarty pants.

Jerry: King Solomon said, “Do not be wise in your eyes.” Yoseph, you sound arrogant and that’s not a good quality. You were not a character in my spiritual memoir, Divinely Inspired: Spiritual Awakening of a Soul. If you were me then, you’d be in trouble because I tried to make the experimental facts fit the theory when they did not. We don’t have all the answers about the Messiah and we need to throw the theory out, your theory, until we have indeed discovered absolute truth. Only God knows who the Messiah is and He isn’t telling, at least not yet. God knew the name of the Messiah before Creation.

Yoseph: From what you are saying Jerry, can I assume that it might not be Jesus? Christians will be terribly disappointed.

Jerry: Yes, that’s true. Yet, Jesus might be. Judaism believes in a Jewish Messiah other than Jesus. So we are at an impasse. The Jewish Messiah could be a suffering Messiah who fits the riddles. From what we know, the Messiah must be a descendant of King David. The Messiah Interviews is all about free will. Anyone of any faith, belief or non-belief can believe what they want irrespective of any evidence based facts to the contrary. Science cannot explain miracles. Nor can miracles explain science. I respect anyone’s personal view. I’m just willing to wait until we hear it from God. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Yoseph: So after all is said and done, what is the purpose of your book?

Jerry: It was written to empower the reader to improve their character in this lifetime in order to be admitted into an uncertain futuristic Garden of Eden life at the End of Days.

Yoseph: Let me interrupt if I may. You want to take the focus away from the identity of the Messiah to being accountable for your moral actions. That means God is the keeper of the scorecard and that at the End of Days, you are accountable to Him.

Jerry: Very good Yoseph. The Garden of Eden made Adam and Eve accountable as their actions caused the beginning of human struggle and the beginning of sin. For the most part, human beings have ignored God in this life and have done what they desired. They have often chosen not to follow the Ten Commandments. However, they need to realize that they do so at their own risk because they are accountable in the End Times.

Yoseph: Yes I recall speaking about what you say in the book. Yet, man cannot nullify what God has commanded him to do.

Jerry: You stole my words.

Yoseph: Touchy aren’t we? I’m just trying to bring home the point for all the people who are going to go out and order your book after they read this interview for The Plot.

Jerry: My apologies Yoseph. You have to realize that talking about the Messiah is a difficult subject and it’s hard to be objective as religion often gets in the way. As I said, I’m not trying to coerce or convince anyone. The sages say that people are led in the direction they wish to go, so I’m not going to change anyone unless they are open to change.

Yoseph: Jerry, I reaffirm your thinking on this matter. Even the most objective people have blind spots where their own interests are concerned. I see that we cannot have a detailed discussion of the Christian versus Jewish Messiah, but I do have to offer an additional point about the soul. I believe as I said in your book that the Messiah will have many souls inside of him. Throughout the ages, I believe, souls get passed from one body to another. Therefore, the qualities and potential qualities of a human being at any one time represent the combination of that specific combination of soul and body. Throughout the ages, there has been a refinement so that the Messiah will have just that right combination of body and soul. Ultimately, the Messiah will be the best of all souls and he or she could have qualities of a Jesus or Moses or both inside of him.

Jerry: Well spoken Yoseph. I don’t think your soul hypothesis will satisfy anyone of faith. Somebody will be disappointed at the End of Days, but maybe not for long when we find out about the Messiah. When we learn that he has the wisdom of Solomon, the understanding and prophesy of Moses, the royal spirit of King David, the loftiness of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the compassion and kindness of Jesus. Do you have any further comments Yoseph?

Yoseph: Yes, go to Jerry’s website at or and visit his blog to learn more. You can contact Jerry at or

Jerry: I want to thank The Plot for allowing us to have this Interview. May the Shechinah (Divine Presence) be with you.

Yoseph: I concur. May I also wish the readers of The Plot, the ‘joie de vivre,’ the joy of life.


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  1. Rose, I reread Yoseph and my banter just now and I wanted to thank you and The Plot for the opportunity to share the Messiah Interviews with your readers. It was fun creating this fantasy interview. It gives your readers a tiny glimpse of the content of the Messiah Interviews. Please go to our website and Blog to find out more about the Messiah Interviews and Divinely Inspired and more about the Shechinah Third Temple, Inc. Shechinah in Hebrew means Divine Presence. May the Shechinah be with you Rose and your readers. I have to thank my tour director, Cheryl, for making these oportunities a reality. I have been lax in doing this. Thanks Cheryl for all. Oh, one more thing. Please readers, go to You Tube, plug in Messiah Interviews and watch the 2 1/2 minute movie trailer.


  2. Thank you for stopping by, Mr. Pollock. It’s always a pleasure to let characters speak outside their books here.

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