Peter and Dante From ‘Who Will Win Nora’s Soul’ by Margay Leah Justice

who-will-win-noras-soulPeter: I must say, I’m surprised you agreed to this.

Dante: I needed a good laugh.

Peter: Is that all you think this is? Good for a laugh.

Dante: Don’t you? It’s all rather comical, if you ask me. Oh, that’s right! That’s why we’re here – so you can ask me. So ask me.

Peter: You find this rather humorous, don’t you?

Dante: Yes. Rather.

Peter: Then why did you agree to do this?

Dante: Let’s just say I’m curious about what you want to ask me, now that you have the chance.

Peter: Shall we get to it, then?

Dante: Oh, please. Ask away.

Peter: Why did you fall, Dante?

Dante: You don’t believe in build up, do you?

Peter: Why waste words? Sometimes it’s better to get right to the point.

Dante: The direct approach.

Peter: Exactly. Now, if you’re done trying to distract me, answer the question, please. Why did you fall away, Dante?

Dante: You know the reason.

Peter: I want to hear the words.

Dante: Then speak them yourself.

Peter: Say it.

Dante: Ask another question.

Peter: Not until you answer this one.

Dante: Ask another!

Peter: Answer this one! Say the words.

Dante: No.

Peter: Say them.

Dante: I will not.

Peter: Why did you fall away?

Dante: For love! For Lyric. I fell away for Lyric. Are you happy now, angel boy? Are you happy that you finally, after all these years, got me to say the words you’ve been longing to hear? I fell away for Lyric. But then…you knew that.

Peter: I did.

Dante: So let me ask you a question.

Peter: Please do.

Dante: Why was it so important for me to actually say the words?

Peter: Because they are your salvation. Only by saying them out loud can you start on the path of redemption.

Dante: Well, then this was just a waste of time for you, angel boy. I have no desire – or intention – to be redeemed.

Peter: Then why are you here? And don’t say it’s for a good laugh. I know better than that. Why did you really agree to this? If not for your own redemption, then whose?

Dante: Lyric. I’m here for Lyric.

Peter: Then let me help you. I can help you both.

Dante: We shall see, angel boy. We shall see.


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  1. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my angels with you. Where would I be without Dante and Peter?

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