Interview with Jack Thigpen from The Dead Guy by Doug Hewitt

the-dead-guyHewitt: So, Jack, I guess you’re not very pleased with the medical condition I gave you in The Dead Guy.

Thigpen: That was you? I should’ve known. It came as quite a shock, and in the first chapter no less.
Hewitt: But I didn’t give you much pain.

Thigpen: Oh no, I’m just going to turn into a vegetable. Gee, thanks. My brain’s going to get eaten up by little misshapen proteins, turning it into Swiss cheese.

Hewitt: Yeah, sorry about that. It does make for an interesting read. And I should point out, that we’re all going to die someday. Readers can empathize with someone trying to come to terms with death.

Thigpen: I suppose I’ve come to terms with it, although it took me a while. And it gave me … courage, or stupidity, whichever you want to call it that made me make some bold and aggressive moves against the bad guys.

Hewitt: Yeah, when you’re up against 10 of the bad guys, nobody expected you to charge them.

Thigpen: So, what have the readers been saying?

Hewitt: I’ve been told it’s a great mystery read, and they see a bit of Tarantino in it.

Thigpen: Doesn’t he make movies?

Hewitt: Yes, wouldn’t it be great to see your story up on the silver screen?

Thigpen: You of all people know I like to have my life kept private.

Hewitt: That’s not exactly true. You played pro tennis. You played in front of large crowds on the tennis court.

Thigpen: Those days are long gone. As will all of my days soon. That’s why they call me The Dead Guy.

Hewitt: I like to think of you as a kind of superhero. The Dead Guy. It’s got a nice ring.

Thigpen: I’m no hero.

Hewitt: But you did avenge the death of your best friend.

Thigpen: I did, but normally I just investigate car insurance scams. That reminds me. Why the hell didn’t you have me get shot and murdered? I was the one the hit man wanted to kill. Instead, you have him kill my best friend. That’s cruel, Mr. Big Author. Especially when I have a fatal disease anyway.

Hewitt: That’s what’s called irony, Mr. Main Character. Live with it.

Thigpen: That’s not funny.

Hewitt: Do you have any last words?

Thigpen: Just a question. Are you bringing me back for a sequel or are you going to let me rest in peace?

Hewitt: I’ve got many more surprises in store for you, my friend. I’m thinking about another murder mystery, The Dead Girl. Anyway, thank you, Mr. Thigpen, for the interview. Here’s wishing you the best.

Thigpen: I’ve enjoyed being here. Don’t forget to mention your websites., where readers can download the first chapter for free. And, where you blog about promotion.

Hewitt: I don’t have to. You just did.

Thigpen: Okay, then. Bye. (download the first chapter free here!) (where I blog about book promotion) (where I blog about parenting)
You Tube Video Trailer (see two Mr. Potato Heads reenact the murder scene!)


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  1. Excellent interview. You were pretty mean to Jack, Doug. I don’t think I could give a person a nasty disease like that.

    My review will be coming up at The Book Connection soon.

    Best of luck with the tour.


  2. Hi, I keep reading this character interview and i’m so impressed. I’m get a itch to try my own. Thanks Doug.
    Jo Ann Hernandez

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