Interview with Fred Squire from Across the Pond by Barry Eva

across-the-pondGood evening everybody, my special guest this evening is Frederick, or rather Fred Squire. The main character or one might even say hero of Storyheart’s book “Across the Pond”.

Hello Fred, welcome back from your trip across the pond. I understand you were reluctant to make the trip in the first place.

Thank you. Yes I really did not want to go. When my parents won the trip to Australia, all I could think about was going with them. When that was not possible I was “persuaded” to go to the USA.


Well put it this way it was either that or two weeks with my Grandparents in Scotland, really a non contest. Especially when an Xbox was mentioned was promised for going there.

Once you got there what was it like?

I had a bad trip thanks mainly to the woman who was sitting next to me. Also I was worried about meeting Phil and Julie and especially about meeting their daughter Brit, rather Brittany.

How did you get on with Brit?

Err… I was worried and very nervous at the start, but as the trip went on we became very close. More so once she had shared her secret with me. By the end of the trip we were what her parents called “an item”.

What Secret?

I can’t really tell you, you’ll have to read the book to find out. Let’s just say a certain slime ball called Steve Harris had done things to not just her but I found out later to some of her friends as well. Still he got his just deserts in the end, but again you’ll have to read the book to find out what happened to him.

So did you enjoy your visit to the USA?

Meeting Brit of course made it very special, but I also had a lot of fun and made some great friends. I even managed to complete the English project I was set explaining the many differences between the American and English language.

I heard you became a bit of a celebrity while you were there?

I just happened to catch a baseball that I was taken to, that everybody wanted. In the end though, I believe I did the right thing.

What was that?

I can’t give away all the information, you’ll just have to read the book “Across the Pond” and see what happened.

Finally Fred, what’s next for you?

There are a few loose ends to clear up and several possibilities as to what will happen next. But that is in hands or rather pen of Storyheart.

Well thank you for taking this time to speak to us Fred, and may I say welcome back from your trip across the pond. Is there a place people can find out more about you and your trip?

Sure if people visit, I’ll be there to greet them.

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  1. Great interview with Fred, he comes over in the interview just as he does in the book.

    I hope others enjoy it as well.

  2. Thank you for popping in, Book Reader.

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