Interview with Deirdre from Grayrider by Bruce Skye

grayriderBruce: Although Gabriel is the protagonist per se, I see you both being the heroes of Grayrider. How do you see it?

Deirdre: We each contributed different things to the task before us. My knowledge of Celtic magic was essential in several instances to prevent Gabriel from being slain.

Bruce: You strike me as being a very strong individual. Are you?

Deirdre: I was deceived by my mentor into creating the Ansgarian soldiers invading my father’s kingdom. When I discovered who she really was, I fled and warned my father. Gabriel’s intervention during that journey allowed me to return home unscathed. If that makes me a strong individual, so be it.

Bruce: How did you feel when you discovered who you were serving as an apprentice sorceress?

Deirdre: I was both terrified and angry with myself. Her mystical power was immense, yet I knew I must somehow warn my father of who was really trying to conquer his kingdom. At the same time, I hated myself by being so completely deceived by her.

Bruce: Let’s turn our attention elsewhere now. Of all the many obstacles you faced in the story, which was the worst?

Deirdre: Facing Morrigan, undoubtedly the most powerful necromancer in the world.

Bruce: That took great courage.

Deirdre: I could not let Gabriel face her alone.

Bruce: But Gabriel’s sword Deathsong had been made to slay Morrigan. Why did you feel that way?

Deirdre: Morrigan used the mystical power of her apprentices to make herself far stronger. She did that so she could destroy Gabriel. And we had no idea if Deathsong would be able to overcome her mystical supremacy.

Bruce: Still, it took great courage for both of you to face Morrigan.

Deirdre: We had no choice. Deathsong was the only hope any of us had of staying free.

Bruce: What happens in that battle I thought was both sad and tragic.

Deirdre: It is something I try not to think about now.

Bruce: Let’s move to another topic then. Describe your feelings about Gabriel’s horse Windfire.

Deirdre: Windfire is of an ancient breed of horse no longer seen in our world. He is highly intelligent and can choose who he communicates with. Although most people only hear neighs and snorts, I can understand him fully. He can be charming and funny when he chooses to. He lusts for battle and breathes fire when he senses such conflict upcoming. It is said by the elder horse handlers his breed of horse were the mounts of choice of ancient kings.

Bruce: I can certainly understand why. Windfire is Gabriel’s best friend, isn’t he?

Deirdre: Aye, he is. And a truer friend no one could ask for. With all Gabriel has been through, I am very glad he has him.

Bruce: In concluding this interview, Deirdre, are there any final thoughts you’d like to leave the readers of The Plot with?

Deirdre: First of all, I want to thank The Plot for allowing me this opportunity to share myself with you. Secondly, more information about Grayrider and The Deathsong Chronicles series is available on your website, Bruce. And I might also add that you have a blog attached to the website discussing fantasy writing there. The website is Finally, Gabriel has his own blog: . I enjoy reading it every day.

Bruce: Thank you, Deirdre, for spending this time with us.


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  1. Nice interview that gives us insight into you Deidre.

    I hope Bruce keeps blogging about the book, because the more he does, and the more he promotes his blog, the more people will hear about Grayrider and all of you.

    Good luck!


  2. Nice interview gives a real look into how something as big as 9/11 can effect so many people.

    Thank you for sharing


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