Saffron Dreams by Shaila Abdullah

saffron-dreamsFrom the darkest hour of American history emerges a mesmerizing tale of tender love, a life interrupted, and faith recovered. Arissa Illahi, a Muslim artist and writer, discovers in a single moment that no matter how carefully you map your life, it is life itself that chooses your destiny.

After her husband’s death in the collapse of the World Trade Center, the discovery of his manuscript marks Arissa’s reconnection to life. Her unborn son and the unfinished novel fuse in her mind into one life-defining project that becomes, at once, the struggle for her emotional survival and the redemption of her race.

Saffron Dreams is a novel about our ever evolving identities and the events and places that shape them. It reminds us that in the midst of tragedy, our dreams can become a lasting legacy.

About Shaila Abdullah

Shaila Abdullah is an award-winning author and designer, based in Austin, Texas. Her creative work focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of Pakistani women and their often unconventional choices in life. Her debut book, Beyond the Cayenne Wall, is a collection of stories about Pakistani women struggling to find their individualities despite the barriers imposed by society.

Among other accolades, the book won the Norumbega Jury Prize for Outstanding Fiction and the DIY Festival Award. Abdullah received a grant from the Hobson Foundation for her new novel, Saffron Dreams which is about the trials and tribulations of a 9/11 Muslim widow.

Abdullah has written several short stories, articles, and personal essays for various publications, such as Dallas Child, Web Guru, About Families, Sulekha, Women’s Own, She, Fashion Collection and a magazine of the Daily Dawn newspaper called Tuesday Review, etc. She is a member of the Texas Writers’ League.

A Pakistani-American, Abdullah is also a seasoned print, web, and multimedia designer as well. See a complete bio at


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  1. Hello, readers of the Plot. This is my first blog tour stop. I will be available today and tomorrow to answer your questions. Please feel free to chime in.

    Shaila Abdullah

  2. I’ve just started reading this book. It is eloquently written and engaging.

    Best of luck with your tour.


  3. I just started reading the book last week. It tells a very interesting story that thoroughly intrigues the reader.

    Good Luck.

    Love always,


  4. Wow! I just started reading your book and I can’t put it down! I’m really loving this story.

  5. amateurdelivre

    I too have just started reading this and am enjoying it very much so far. Good luck with the tour, I hope it is a huge success!

  6. I love your voice in your writing-makes me want to read more.

  7. Thanks for the good wishes and comments.

    Shaila Abdullah

  8. Voice comes over really strong, and I’m sure it will be a great read
    Across the Pond

  9. Shamim Jindani

    I just came across this blog and was reading the reviews. Seems like an interesting reading. Would love to read the book.

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