Keoni’s Big Question by Patti B. Ogden

keoni-coverA boy who seeks answers about God’s presence in everyday life, finds his friend held the key to his revelation all along.

This gripping tale follows a pair of dear friends on a fishing trip that turns dangerous, then miraculous, and leaves Keoni with more answers then he ever dreamed possible! Every child wonders why we can’t see God. Keoni’s Big Question makes the answer easy to understand.

About the Author

As an enthusiastic Sunday school teacher, there was only one thing Patti Ogden did not enjoy about the teaching experience; too often, her lessons would end with the children not grasping the concepts that they were intended to teach. With a genuine heartfelt desire to reach children’s soul realm, she unleashed her God-given creativity and began to break down her lessons into simple terms – added excitement and drama – and suddenly she saw the “lights go on!” Soon the kids were asking questions and wanting to know more!

With a background in journalism and a sincere burden to help kids seek their own spiritual growth, she is now the author of Keoni’s BIG Question and two other Christian children’s books due to be released in 2009.
She was born and raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Patti is a devoted wife to her husband Jeff, of 35 years, mother of two and grandmother to five darlings that fill her life with joy. She and her husband Jeff enjoy life on their eleven acre hobby farm in Oregon, Illinois.


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  1. I really loved this book.


  2. Thank you Rose, for taking the time to feature my book. I hope readers will give it a chance. Amazing things can happen when a reading experience touches the heart of a child!

    Patti Ogden

  3. You are very welcome, Ms. Ogden. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

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