Excerpt From ‘Blood Line’ by Rie McGaha

Jessie leaned forward, staring through the windshield, but she couldn’t see anything over the nose of the truck. Then she saw the huge, black animal crawling slowly into the beam of the headlights, and her breath caught. The beast looked dazed more than injured. Her husband slid around the side of the truck, took two slow steps forward, the knife held at his side.

The animal shook its head and then began slowly to get to its feet. The look on the creature’s face made Jessie’s blood run cold and a shiver of fear raced up her spine.

She bailed out of the truck screaming, “Josh-u-a!”

“Damn it,” Josh yelled, “get back in the truck!”

But Jessie couldn’t move. She watched in horror as Josh lunged for the animal, plunging the knife deep into its belly.

The beast reacted immediately, swinging one huge paw in a powerhouse blow that sent Josh flying through the air. He landed hard on the pavement, flat of his back.

Jessie wanted to rush forward and help him, but her feet felt rooted to the spot. Josh rose on his elbows, trying to drag a breath into his lungs, trying to get his wits together. Blood covered his hands, and the knife felt slippery in his grip. He quickly wiped his palms on his jeans as he struggled to his feet. He turned to resume his attack on the beast.

But before he could react, the animal moved. With lightning-fast speed, it pounced, landing on Jessie. It knocked her to the ground and straddled her between its four enormous legs.

Jessie screamed and pummeled the beast’s chest. She kicked her feet, fighting for her life, as the creature raised its head skyward and let loose an ear-shattering howl.

Snarling, it lowered its snout and bared long, razor-sharp fangs inches from Jessie’s neck.


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