Interview with the Man Behind the Werewolf, Joshua Caine from Blood Line by Rie McGaha

blood-lineAn assignment like no other, I had been asked to interview Joshua Caine. Yes, the Joshua Caine from the novel Blood Line. Of course, I knew all about him and his wife, Jessie, and I’d read of their escapades, but really, could all the hype be true? I was about to find out.

Josh looked very relaxed sitting in the round padded chair at the lounge where we met to talk over drinks. He was every bit as gorgeous as I’d read about. Dressed in jeans and boots with a T-shirt stretched over his muscled chest, I had to remind myself that we are both married…and not to each other! When I approached the table he stood and extended his hand.

Although we are about the same height, there was just something about him that made him seem larger than life. His smile flashed perfect white teeth and reached his seagreen eyes. I felt my heart do a little flip and that hadn’t happened in quite some time. Of course, it had been some time since I’d met someone so genuinly real and down to earth. He wasn’t what I’d expected at all.

After holding the chair for me, Josh asked what I’d like to drink and ordered for me. I was swooning, what a gentleman! I’m, sure I was grinning like an idiot with nothing going on between the ears, but Josh was patient and kind. I took a huge gulp of my drink and immediately choked on it….sheesh, this just wasn’t my day! Finally getting myself together, I dabbed at my mouth with a napkin and then pulled my taperecorder and notes from my bag and began the interview.

“Josh, may I call you Josh?”

“Of course,” he said with a smile.

“I have to tell you that I have read all about you and the story seems just a bit over the top. Surely some of it is literary license, right?”

“I’ve been asked about that many times, Rie, but in all honesty, every word is true.”

I felt my face flush because I was remembering a certain erotic detail from the story and Josh must have caught on because he grinned wickedly and said, “That’s all true, too.”

“Oh, well,” I fumbled for words, “I wasn’t, I mean…on to the next question.” I fixed my attention on the notes in my hand and refused to make eye contact while I took a couple of calming breaths. “Tell me what happened that night on the country road.”

“Like the book says, Jess and I were taking a load to Memphis and there’d been an accident on the main road, so we took a back road to avoid the traffic tie-up. I was driving and Jess was looking out the window. The moon was full but waning and the landscape was lit up pretty good.

“She saw something jump the fence and I thought it was a horse or deer. Then it caught up with the truck and I was doing about sixty, so I knew it wasn’t a horse. Then it jumped on the truck and I hit the brakes throwing the thing onto the roadway in front of us, I hit the throttle and ran over it. After we stopped I got out to see what it was and it attacked me.”

“Why didn’t you just keep going after you ran over it? Why stop and take the chance?”

Josh shrugged and sipped his rum and coke. “To tell the truth, I wish I hadn’t. But on the other hand, if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have the pleasure of your company today.”

He was a smooth talker and a handsome one, but I was into the story now and wouldn’t be distracted by him. “You didn’t answer the question. Why did you stop?”

“I wanted to see what it was and the way it had thumped against my truck, I wanted to check for damage too. But it wasn’t dead and attacked me. I fought with the thing and then Jessie got out of the truck and it went after her. I had no choice but to kill it with my knife. And the rest is, as they say, history.”

I smiled. “Not quite. Let’s move on a few weeks. The book says you were gravely ill until the next full moon and then you changed into a werewolf yourself. Didn’t you already know what the thing was that bit you and didn’t you really know you’d become a werewolf too?”

“No, not at all,” Josh said, laughing out loud. “Sure, I’ve seen the movies and read the stories, but would you believe any of them are true? Would you think oh, I just killed a werewolf and now I’m going to become one? Of course not, no one would.”

I nodded. “Moving on, tell me about Garan. What’s he really like?”

“Garan is great. He’s the one I met at the gathering and learned who the wolf was that I’d killed. He’s the one that led me to Ganda and because of her, I’m alive today and so is Jessie.”

“But what is he really like? He sounds perfect in the book and gorgeous.”

“I don’t know about that, but he’s like family to me and Jess.”

“What about Ganda? Where is she today and what is she doing?”

“Ganda is wonderful. She’s compassionate, loving, caring and the meanest bitch you’ll ever meet. And I mean that in the best sense of the word. I love her a lot. And she is currently writing a book of her own. From what I hear, it’s due out soon and will be called Ancient Blood.”

“Now, the big question, where’s Jessie? Are you two still as much in love as the book leads us to believe?”

“I think Jessie and Ganda are out shopping today, and yes, we are still in love. Jessie is my best friend as well as my wife, but the bond we have surpasses anything I ever thought possible. We are truly soul mates.”

“Even though she lied to you and tricked you into making her a werewolf too?”

“That was a difficult time for both of us. I was going through the changes of being a new werewolf and she didn’t know what to do. She was afraid of losing me and did what she did out of love. It nearly cost her her life, so I think that settled everything. The entire time I thought she was dead nearly ended my life.

“It’s those kind of things that makes a person realize just how much simple things mean, like holding the hand of the one you love, being able to kiss them goodnight, or have a cup of coffee with them in the morning. Love isn’t the big grand scale things you see on T.V., it’s the simple day-to-day things that usually go unnoticed. She’s the best.”

“Thank you, Josh. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you today. Please say hello to Jessie, Ganda and Garan for me.”

“Thank you, Rie,” Josh said as he shook my hand. “I’m sure we’ll meet again after Ganda’s book is released. I know you’ll have a lot more questions then.”


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