Interview with Stefano Vasco Terenzio from Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening

Synarchy by Crystal StormIt is a rare thing to be a reporter and get a moment alone with Stefano Vasco Terenzio . Today, for whatever reason, he has agreed to come into the studio and give us ten minutes. We were so excited when he agreed, we posed the question to fans of Stefano, and a few members of his family, “if you had one thing to ask him, what would it be?”

Let’s get to those questions, and his answers. This is Jah Rah Shiloh and I am here right now with the man, Stefano Vaso Terenzio. Mr. Terenzio, it’s a real pleasure. Since you’re the authority on the matter, can you introduce yourself?

S.V.T.: You’ve got the name right. I was the head of the Terenzio family, and Governor of Alcyone Island.

Jah Rah: We know your time is short so, we’re going to jump right into the questions our listeners had for you first. What was the scariest moment of your life?

S.V.T.: When I got kicked into the Hudson River. I wasn’t ready to go yet. I knew I had more to do, that this was all wrong. There was also someone I wanted to see again, say good-bye to.

Jah Rah: What was going through your mind, when you made the deal to work for the Anunnaki?

S.V.T.: That this was what I was here to do. That my existence culminated on that moment. That’s the day I really started playing this game of chess. It was terrifying and exhilarating. I can’t explain to you how much I savoured every moment, and every move I made after that.

Jah Rah: Did you ever think about joining the Brotherhood instead of turning on them in the end?

S.V.T.: No, actually. I don’t take orders well. My entire life was spent working my way to the top of the hill. But beyond that, the more I thought about it, the more the very idea simply annoyed me. C’mon, I can appreciate what the Anunnaki and the Brotherhood were about to do but, without choice what fun is it?

Jah Rah: DCS, the lady tasked with telling your family’s story, never exposes your second or first wife’s name to us. Can you tell us?

S.V.T.: My first wife’s name was Selene. She killed herself. My second wife’s name doesn’t really matter. But, you may find out one day.

Jah Rah: Speaking of DCS, do you feel Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening adequately tells the story of how your family got started in their quest?

S.V.T.: I don’t expect anyone to be able to identify the motives and moves my family made with 100% accuracy. But, for a writer, she does all right. It’s worth the read.

Jah Rah: If you had one piece of advice for you son that you didn’t write for him in your journal what would it be?

S.V.T.: When you’re playing the game remember, it doesn’t matter if your enemy suffers, so long as you win. And when you step away from it, strip away your layers and self delusions and simply, love. Completely. Life is easily navigated after that. But, he figured that out for himself. Smart boy.

Jah Rah: That’s good advice. Stefano, we’ve asked your brother and sister, Julian and Liliana, the same question. Carissa couldn’t be reached for comment.

S.V.T.: She’s mad at me. I forgot her kids’ names again.

Jah Rah: Oh. Well, at any rate, we were able to reach JT and Liliana. Here are their questions for you. Your brother wants to know, looking back on things, knowing what you know now, did you really think it would be this much fun?

S.V.T.: You would ask me that question, Julian. No, I didn’t actually. I knew I’d enjoy it, never like this. But, I’ve always said the ending doesn’t matter, it’s inevitable. It’s all about the moments before that, that lead us here.

Jah Rah: Right on. Your sister, Liliana, wants to know, if you had it to do all over again, what would you do differently?

S.V.T.: You, little sister love looking back and questioning the decisions you’ve made. What would I do differently? You remember the day you told me you wanted to quit? Instead of talking you out of it, I would have let you.

Jah Rah: Can you tell us why, Stefano?

S.V.T.: Because then she would have taken a real sniff of the other side. My sister and I, Jah Rah, are two very similar creatures. She would have been back.

Jah Rah: I hope she’s listening, maybe one day she can verify that for us. Last question. If you had one message to impart to the rest of the world, what would it be?

S.V.T.: They’re playing you because they can. Because that’s their job, their purpose, the only thing they know how to do. You’re taking it because you refuse to open your eyes, and not because that’s your purpose. Your purpose is to get a clue, and remember that the power lies within you. Take it. Or someone else will.

Jah Rah: Wise words. Thank you for stopping by, Stefano. This is Jah Rah Shiloh and I’m outta here, but don’t touch that dial. Mad Martha is on next with the Doctor who cloned Free Willy.


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