The Wolves’ Keeper Legend by Sylvia Weber

the wolves' keeper legend“…. From the beginning of time, it seemed that rivalry between man and wolf was at the root of man’s dislike for the animal, discovered only too well by Sealgair. Was his fate forever to be condemned to isolation, to see terror and hate in the eyes of the once he once loved? All he could see in his mind was the last pictures of Awena’s beloved face, which he carried in his heart for all his life.

Was the only way out to discover the special secret held by the papyrus-pearls in the stone pot – what secrets could this hold? And which stone pot could keep that precious secret when there were so many of them?

Seanns’ quest to find the pearls and uncover the secret ended with tragic consequences, resulting in him not only discovering the truth of his birth and who his real mother and father were, but the realisation that his father lived among the wolves…”

About the Author

Sylvia Weber was born in the twentieth of June 1968, in a small town in the heart of Portugal. Until 1973, she grew up in a farm, in the shores of the river Tejo, in an environment in which the traditions, and the respect for Nature exerted a very strong influence in what concerns the development of personality.

At the age of five, she moved to Abrantes, where she received the first multicultural perceptions from her neighbours, emigrants from Angola. In 1979, her parents left to Lisbon, after the bankruptcy of Metalúrgica Duarte Ferreira, but Sylvia stayed in Abrantes, living at Lady Annatia’s home and learning all the secrets of growing the most extraordinary roses. At the age of eleven, she was studying at a Christian nuns’ college, where she had her first steps on Christianity, but also lived side by side with legends, the same legends present in her stories.

In 1987, she was admitted in the course of Modern Languages and Literature of the Universidade Nova of Lisbon, specializing, after five years, both in Education and Investigation. Thanks to her outstanding results in Linguistics, she was invited to participate in the elaboration of an International Dictionary, at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.

At the time, it was heavy to the choice the fact that Sylvia was already feeling in her blood the need to know the world. . Possibly, having immediately accepted such an offer would have taken her to a life of success and opportunities, which she hasn’t had in other way. Meanwhile, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation was closed for lack of funds.

Sylvia started, in 1992, an extraordinary teaching career, marked by the creativity and innovation which the pupils like so much. This career lasted sixteen years and provided wonderful and unforgettable moments.

In 1993, she married for the first time, but this relationship was marked by violence and suffering, having ended in a tragic way. But as in every storm there is always a ray of sunshine, Sylvia had in 1994 a wonderful son.

In 2002, she lived her first happy love story and she married the artist Robert Weber. In 2004, she had two little twin girls.

In 2006, she moved from Cascais to her home town, looking for the paradise of her childhood, but as times and mentalities change, this world was already lost. What she found was a world of preconceptions, and this was the stone in the water to her decision of leaving to England.

A whole series of tragic happenings, which started with her father’s death, due to a dilatory and inefficient Justice, and proceeded with the fact of being refused to her husband the possibility of applying for Nationality, without any reason, made her decide to look for new horizons. The choice was pending, then, among USA, Canada, Ireland and UK. At the time, the UK was the most receptive, due to the fact that the GTCE approved her application for QTS in the seventh of May, and the work proposals were raining.

In September of 2007, she left to England with her husband, taking only a van loaded with essential goods (music, photos, books and clothing), a handbag of documents and a heart full of hope.

In February of 2008, she found a job in a supermarket chain, doing the night shift. After eight months of very successful work at night, she was given a day shift, at her own request. She was deceived with promises of a brilliant future, “Sky is the limit”, and suddenly Sylvia realized that she had no perspectives. Then, having acquired a deeper and deeper knowledge of the business world, she decided to study Management Accounting, an interesting course which represents an adequate challenge to her intellectual ability.

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  1. Wow! When I saw all this I thought… “I’m impressed!”
    Thank you all so much! Thank you, Rose, for opening the doors to my book!

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