Interview with Sealgair and Seanns of The Wolves’ Keeper Legend by Sylvia Weber

the wolves' keeper legendSealgair and Seanns never met. Though Sealgair was told by Awena of the birth of his only son, he thought that he had died. Mother and father left Caladh with a weight in their hearts, but hoping to build a new life somewhere, away from the fears, preconceptions and cursed story that they lived before. So they went, hand in hand, towards the sunset.

Seanns and his friend Maise also left Caladh, later, moved by the need to grow and learn, driven by a dream of finding the legendary Luath, world of the Hawk-people.

They met later, in the land of a thousand lakes, by mere chance. It was Awena who recognised Seanns among the crowd, and who introduced him as a friend to Sealgair. She also didn’t know that he was their son.

Sealgair: You are travelling alone, Seanns. What happened to your friend?

Seanns: Maise fell in love with a wonderful girl. He got married to her and settled down in Völund. Now he is teaching young children and he is very happy.

Sealgair: Did he give up his dreams, then?

Seanns: No, of course not. For many years he travelled with me. We had many fantastic adventures. Only there is a time in any man’s life when he feels the need for… Tenderness, security, family. It is a natural course of life. The wolves did the same. They stayed in the mountains, in their natural habitat, found their mates, had their cubs; generations passed. So, I’m alone.

Sealgair: What about your own family? Are you in touch with them?

Seanns: Well, in these times news come very slowly. I can see, them, though, when I want, through the pearl that Angus gave me before I left Caladh. They are well.

Sealgair: Don’t you miss them? Wouldn’t you go back?

Seanns: I will go back, some day, yes. Sometimes I think that I would like to see Caladh again. But I didn’t arrive to my destiny yet. There are too many things to see…

Sealgair: Didn’t you find Luath, yet?

Seanns: No. I have some clues, though. The old man, Jarl, told me of a way through the eternal ice, through which we get to the valley where the last survivors live. I want to try to get there.

Sealgair: What if… You don’t make it? It’s such a dangerous journey!

Seanns: I’ll make it… Or I’ll die trying.

Sealgair: You are such a resolute man… How did you cross the ocean to get here, to Völund?

Seanns: We travelled up North, through the mountains, me and Maise. It was a very difficult journey, mainly due to the rough weather. We got lost in the storm and, completely unaware, we arrived to a village. The people there gave us shelter and received us as friends – as if we were friends coming back home. When they left in their boats, we decided to go with them.

Sealgair: How far did you go, then?

Seanns: I went much further up North, to the limits of the eternal ice, where the gorges of Cruinne explode in fire. I can’t deny it… I was scared. I remembered you, and my mom, then. There was something that made me come back down. I’m glad I felt this appeal, or I wouldn’t have found you.

Sealgair: Where did this appeal come from? How did you feel it?

Seanns: I entered in the pearl world several times in those years, as you can imagine. Every time I went there it became easier – it was never like the first time. The Fear-Diona always talked to me. They told me of a destiny – to save the Spring of Life. I don’t know what it is!

Sealgair: Is there a Mine of Dreams, then, here in Völund?

Seanns: Yes, there is. Not here in the city, though. Its entry is in the top of the mountain. There is a small round construction, where a few men study the skies…

Sealgair: Cíbeir told me once about those men… What happened to Cíbeir?

Seanns: Cíbeir died in that tragic night. He was trying to protect me and Maise against the fury of Baoghal, deep in the fortress of Gaoth.

Sealgair: Why did you go there?

Seanns: We went there to find the papyrus-pearls to release you, Awena and everybody else who was a prisoner of Fiosaiche’s malefic intentions.


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  1. Thank you very much, once more. This is extraordinary and amazing to me. I keep finding new things every day!

  2. You are very much welcome.

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