Excerpt from For Cory’s Sake by Carolyn Wada

for cory's sake“What are you always thinking about?” demanded Ty-ri.

Roci looked up. Ty-ri was a few years older than Roci and was fairly new to the factory. Roci began to tell Ty-ri about the people who might at this moment be trying to save the planet of Cory. He went on for quite a while—until Ty-ri cut him off with, “Why would they do that?”

“Because of the kind of people they are,” answered Roci.

“Why would people like that care to save us?” demanded Ty-ri.

Roci looked contemplatively at Ty-ri for a few seconds, then began to expound on the two layers of identity. Obviously the layer Ty-ri is seeing, when he says “people like that”—is the surfact layer, the details of Roci’s “people” that are accidental, like not being born a slave. These details provide no motivation to save Cory—why would people care about something that really has no impact on their own lives? Well, mused Roci, that would be because of the second layer, their characters, the kinds of people they are . . .

“That doesn’t make any sense,” said Ty-ri.

“You see,” persisted Roci, “there are two layers to who . . .”

“Oh, shut up already,” said Ty-ri, and turned and went to his bed.

Roci lay down in his bed. He felt strongly that there could very well be people who could care about a problem and suffering not their own, enough to be willing to do something about it. There had to be, thought Roci—for without such characters Cory could never be saved.


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