For Cory’s Sake by Carolyn Wada

for cory's sakeThe planet of Cory has been enslaved by Fear, by the threat of an end to their world. Roci’s outward life typifies the plight of the Coryan people: he has no family; he has been forced into slavery; people are attempting to control him with both the threat and reality of physical violence.

Roci is distinct, though, in that he has decided to live in a place he can control—in vivid imaginary lives and worlds which he has created within the untouchable space of his mind. He believes in families though he has never had one, and he believes in compassionate people willing to make sacrifices to save those who cannot save themselves.

William Bentler is a kind and quietly courageous father of seven. He cares deeply about the plight of the Coryan people, and has spent his adult lifetime trying to raise awareness of their plight among the civilian occupiers. He does this by publishing articles, essays and stories about the heart-wrenching realities of indigenous Coryan life. He also strove to teach compassion and sacrifice to his children throughout their lives.

When the oppressors appoint a new leader, the sacrificial toll on William’s life rises to a new and very exacting level. Published dissent is now punished with physical, escalating penalties paralleling those given to the slaves. But William continues to write and publish, and then watches in distress (though with a little pride) as two of his children choose his lifestyle as well.

William’s compassion and quiet courage eventually attract a valuable and unexpected ally. The family and their valuable friend struggle onwards—making choices and sacrifices, taking risks, accepting almost unbearable consequences. In the end, they learn how to gain freedom by conquering Fear . . . for Cory’s Sake.

About the Author

Carolyn Wada is the oldest of seven children raised by two wonderful, supportive parents. She has a deep interest in children’s issues. In particular, she is interested in supporting organizations that help child survivors of abuse.

Royalties from For Cory’s Sake will be donated to organizations that provide services to abused, neglected or exploited children.

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  1. Bregetta Gutierrez

    Iove that the money made from this book is united in purpose with the book’s messages about children and families. By donating these profits to children who have been neglected, abused, or exploited, I think it makes the message even stronger!

  2. Sounds like a great read, plus the artistry looks beautiful!

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