Interview with Benton Jessup from A Will to Love by Kim Smith

A Will to LoveAuthor: Ben, what was it about Ireland that you remember best?

Ben: The beauty. The coasts are beautiful, the interior is green. And the quiet. Man. I love the solitude of the countryside. The food is great, too!

Author: I know you lost your wife to the tragedy that is cancer. Can you tell us about her? She was the impetus behind your business, right?

Ben: Yes, she was. Carla was like no one I’ve ever met. She knew what she wanted no matter what the situation, and she went straight ahead and got it. Unlike myself who is a sort of, think it through guy. When she decided we needed to open a bed and breakfast, well, there was no way that wouldn’t happen.

Author: So tell us about your place, The Inn.

Ben: It’s not really huge, but it has that same solitude and deep greenness that was Ireland. I suppose that set in with me most of all. Carla worked hard to make it what she called restful. It’s definitely quiet out there. We’re open seven days a week, all year round, and I do cook the meals. Can’t get any better than that!

Author: Now, we know that a story has come out about this place, recently. Some big name writer visited?

Ben: (ducks his head a little) Yeah. It was Carla’s sister’s idea. She found out that the author, Kitty Beebe, who is from Ireland, would be in the States and got ahold of her agent or something and offered up the place. That was some visit.

Author: What was Kitty like?

Ben: Nice lady. Real classy. Didn’t have a lot to say for herself, but loved my cooking.

Author: Why was she in the States?

Ben: She was working on her next book, and wanted to get some hands on research done. She wasted no time about it either. Set right in.

Author: I sure am glad I’ve gotten to know you Ben. It’s been fun. I hope you will send me over to Kitty’s. Maybe she can give me some pointers on writing a bestseller?

Ben: (laughing) Oh. Yeah. Definitely. Just be careful. She might end up putting you in one of hers like she did me!


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  2. How fun is this! What a great idea to interview the character of the book! BRILLIANT!!!!

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