Interview with Elizabeth McKay from Eye of the Whale by Douglas Carlton Abrams

Eye of the WhaleElizabeth: Hello, I’m Elizabeth McKay, the main character of Douglas Abram’s new novel, Eye of the Whale. I’m a marine biologist, and today I’m going to be interviewing my husband, Frank, about the frightening discoveries we made during the course of our story and how they affected our lives, our future, and our relationship. Frank?

Frank: Hi, I’m Frank Lombardi, Elizabeth’s husband. I’m a neonatologist, and it was through my job that I started realizing that everything was not OK with our children. In my ward, the nurses and I were noticing an upturn in the number of birth defects. At the same time, Elizabeth was noticing problems in the wild in the animals she was studying.

Elizabeth: That’s right. I was finishing my PhD research on whale communication in Bequia when I noticed a sudden change in the whale’s song, and in the song was an unusual distress call. Having spent a decade trying to decode whale communication, I knew I needed to find out why the change happened and the source of the distress.

Frank: So babies both human and whale were in distress, but why? What was happening to cause strange illnesses in human babies that would also affect whales half way around the world?

That’s what got both of us intrigued, and soon we were getting in far deeper than either of us ever anticipated. I never thought that this would endanger Elizabeth’s life, or that there were so many people who didn’t want the truth to be known.

Elizabeth: I had no idea either, but I won’t say more to avoid spoiling our story. We both hope you read it and join us on an adventure that took us from the incredible underwater world of whales and, ah, great white sharks and around the globe to discover what was truly happening to our planet.


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