Interview with Fifi from Diary of a Mad Gen Y er by Marcus Dino

Diary of a Mad Gen Y erMarcus: Folks let me introduce you to the main character in my new book, an anthology called Diary of a Mad Gen Yer, Fifi Larouche.

Fifi: I am so truly truly truly truly happy to be here. This may be a first but I feel you’ll see a trend of authors being interviewed with their characters…Folks I am just so happy to meet all of you.

Marcus: Fifi since the stories in Diary focus around you a woman, would you consider Diary to be written in the genre of ‘chick lit?’

Fifi: I have no idea what chick lit is. Does it have something to do with chickens?

Marcus: You have got a sense of humor.

Fifi: I know I do Marcus, it’s my humor and eccentricity that’s going to help me conquer Hollywood. I was just kidding people, I know what chick lit is and no I do not consider Diary to be written in this type of genre. There’s none of that smoochy smoochy romance stuff that you see in chick lit novels. I mean my boyfriend Biff and I don’t do that kind of stuff in any books I’m in. This includes Fifi the first book I was in. I consider Diary to be more in the genre of young adult fantasy.

Marcus: What is your opinion of me, a man, writing about you, a young woman, in Fifi and Diary?

Fifi: Oh please Marcus …look at all the famous female literary characters in the past…Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Gidget, Supergirl. Heck… even… Lolita and that… Lady Chatterly or whatever her name was that were all conceived by men.

So Marcus because you’re a guy should you write a novel about some tough young skateboarder who parties all day and has all kinds of girlfriends and never works or some macho private eye type who beats all the guys up and gets all the girls and doesn’t really have a brain in his head?

The author getting comfortable with a character is what counts, regardless of whether that character is male or female.

Marcus: I would have to agree with you .I also want to add another great novel written by a male author whose central character was female. Of course I’m talking about the famed novelist Stephen King and his horror classic Carrie.

Fifi: There you go Marcus…Look at all these men who have written books and stories about girls or women .I also think we should look at a great example on other end of the spectrum…How about the most prolific bestselling children’s books of all time where the man character is a boy?…Harry Potter. Now wasn’t that written by a woman?

Marcus: You’re right Fifi, Ok let’s change the subject. Fifi you come to me as a modern day 21st century rags to riches super heroine or fairy tale figure. Would you consider yourself to be with an equal footing as ‘fairy tale’ figures of the past?

Fifi: I’m flattered that you consider me to be a super heroine. The only thing that makes me different than those ‘super heroes or heroines’ is that maybe people can relate to me more because I’m a flesh and blood person like they are. I can’t fly around or climb on the side of a building.

I can’t snap my fingers and turn a pumpkin into a carriage. But I’m just as tough as any of those super heroes or fairy tale figures. I may be 5 foot 2 and weigh 125 pounds but nobody pushes me around. I’m also proud to be a Christian and proud to be an American.

Marcus: Wow I’m very impressed by your patriotic attitude. So being sort of a super heroine do you sort of take care of the crooks who take advantage of innocent hardworking people?

Fifi: Absolutely, I mean you see a lot of snakes, snake charmers, and snake oil salesmen who try to take advantage of hardworking people every day. I once met a character who called himself an agent who tried to sell me a bill of goods.

He said for a ‘fee’ of around three thousand dollars he would give me a list of every big shot producer and director in Hollywood and he would guarantee that I would be a rich and famous movie star in six months. Well I’m not that naive; I told him what he could do with his ‘list.’ You know I felt like practicing some of my tae kwan doe moves on him right then and there.

Marcus: That’s very amusing. So do you think you’ll be a great actress in a short amount of time?

Fifi: Absolutely, I mean trying to make it as an actress is not easy. It’s a lot of hard work. You have to go through a lot of auditions and it takes a lot of work and a lot of luck to land a role. But I have no doubt in my mind that I will land a starring role in a big budget movie in a short amount of time.

Marcus: Fifi I want to thank you for being my guest and wish you the best of luck in any books I write in the future.

Fifi: The pleasure is mine Marcus. You people will see me in a leading role in a major film in a very short time period, now as I leave I would like to leave you people with some advice; I face failure and spit at it in the eye. It may knock me down but I get up and spit at it in the eye again. It may keep on knocking me down, but I keep on getting up and keep on spitting at it in the eye. After a while it gets tired of knocking me down, and I become a success.


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