Interview with Charlene from Shakespeare Ashes by Chris DeBrie

Shakespeare AshesHello, Charlene. I promise I’ll be brief. I know you don’t enjoy this kind of thing.

No. I don’t like talking about myself. And I’ve had a really bad day. I rear-ended an illegal yesterday, and my insurance is trippin’ because of his status… oh, it’s a mess…

Tell me again why a few of your friends call you ‘Charlie’.

Erven gave me that name. I was going through it a while back. I got depressed for weeks straight. People even stopped asking me what was wrong. They got used to seeing me looking right through them. After a month of this, Erven said I reminded him of Charlie Brown, ’cause Charlie Brown was never optimistic. But usually he was right to expect the worst, don’t you think?

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Sometimes I think about a family, feeling safe with people who care about me. Things I never had as a baby. But I just got laid off, man. It’s hard to think past today, this week. Rent, food, car, lights, phone. That stuff is not cheap, and those are just the basics, if you wanna survive and move around.

Do you have good friends?

I have friends. I think my best friends were the ones from first grade. Ever since then, it’s like crabs in a barrel… but there are a few good ones. Erv is. My adopted mother Sam is. To most people she is my “aunt”. I hate too many questions.

We’ll end there. Thank you, Charlene.

I just want to get in my warm bed…


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