Interview with Hakim from ‘Hakim and Terrance Shadow Mystery’ by Bernadine Feagins

Q: Hakim are you and Terrance friends or cousins?

A: We are cousins, but also best friends.

Q: What is your dog’s name?

A: His name is Shadow.

Q: Why did you decide to name him Shadow?

A: Because when I went to the store to buy a dog. I saw a brown and white dog.
next to the dog was his shadow, so Shadow made sense to me.

Q: How did you feel when your found out Shadow was missing?

A: I was very sad. It didn’t seem right waking up without Shadow there beside me. I was very lonely.

Q: Were you scared to look for your dog by yourself?

A: No, because my best friend and cousin Terrance was with me all the time. He helped me search for clues as to what might have happened to Shadow

Q: Do you and Terrance do everything together?

A: Yes we do everything together, we are very close.

Q: Did you get Shadow back?

A: You have to read the book to find out.


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