Cemetery Gates by Maryann Paige

About Cemetery Gates

All the signs are there.

Dead things everywhere. Nightmares of bloody bodies and eaten corpses. Michael knows he’s coming for him. The prophecy cannot be fulfilled without him. From behind the Cemetery Gates, his brother, Shane, enters the world. He’ll force Michael and the others to take their rightful place at his side.

When Michael decides to go to a neighbor’s party, a beautiful stranger thrusts him into his past. Through meditation, Michael is thrown back into a world he had long tried to forget. He works quickly because time is short. Shane is on the prowl. He’ll force Michael to fulfill his destiny.

Only, Michael has a problem with what he was created to do, and he’s tired of running. As he recalls who and what he is, he realizes he’s humankind’s only hope for survival. He decides to battle his brother, not only for the woman he loves, but also for the redemption of his soul.

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Gloria moved closer into the shadows and stood before him.

“What can I do for you?” she asked.

“In a bit of a rush this evening?” he snickered.

“Yes, I am. I want to get the hell out of here.”

“Where are you heading to?”

“Away from this mess.”

“Feel bad for what occurred here?” He said with a grin.

She was shocked that he asked her that, “Of course I do. An innocent man is dead, and for what?”

“For what? I cannot believe you asked that.”

“Two innocent men are dead,” she answered, putting down her head.

“Oh, please, Gloria, spare me your sentimental nonsense. With all of the evil you’ve unleashed on the world, you’re sorry for this? Sorry for stopping the one man that can bring us all down?”

About Maryann Paige

Maryann Paige was born in Brooklyn, New York, lived in Nevada and Texas and landed back in her home state. She resides in the beautiful Hudson Valley and uses the area as the setting for her novels and stories.

She attributes the idea for her first novel, Hidden Shadows, to her younger son, who claims to have met the shadow people on a nightly basis. After researching and learning of them, she decided to write a novel loosely based on her son’s experiences.

Please visit Maryann at www.maryannpaige.com.


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