Five Things You Didn’t Know About Shannon Wallace from Buried Angel by Kim Smith

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Shannon Wallace

One: Shannon is a pretty introverted person. She dislikes heavy crowds especially at Christmas. Her partner Dwayne loves to shop and it works a bit of a hardship on her because she is not into crowds. She doesn’t mind the occasional retail therapy trip, but habitual shopping gives her nightmares. She would wear the same sneakers until the soles wore off if it meant she could escape a shopping trip.

Two: Shannon thinks she can change her fate by believing in the outcome be it good or bad. For example, if she discovers she has to make a long road trip, she just gets really focused on the trip being successful and refuses to believe that anything bad will happen to her. When it has a positive outcome, it always reinforces that belief. Imagine how much fun it is to fly with someone like that!

Three: Shannon is deathly afraid of spiders. If she sees one, she will climb onto something higher than the critter, or she will scream for someone to save her. Very rarely has she ever killed one herself. She swears they stare her down until she is a quivering mass of terror.

Four: Shannon loves sweets. If she could find some way of eating dessert at every meal she would do it. She isn’t discriminating either. She loves ALL sweets. Of course, cookies, cakes, and ice cream are her absolute favorites with the occasional pudding and pie thrown in for good measure. She has to keep busy to work off all the extra calories.

Five: Shannon always wanted to be famous. She thought maybe if she got a job as a videographer with Dwayne at Video Angels, she might happen upon a news story or incident that would get her some public notice. Little did she know how much bad publicity she would accrue instead!


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