Five Things You Didn’t Know About Brian Weller from A Note From an Old Acquaintance by Bill Walker

1. Took clarinet lessons starting when he was eight years old. Hated the lessons, but loved the fact that once he got the basics down he could play any tune after hearing it once. Because of that he never learned to read music, fooling his teacher for nearly four years. Switched to guitar at twelve and never looked back.

2. Brian loves dogs and thinks they are more selfless and noble than people. He would love to own one but is highly allergic.

3. Wishes he was more prolific. He admires other brand name authors for their seemingly inexhaustible well of ideas. His agent, Doris, once suggested that he hire other writers to come up with story ideas and first drafts and nearly fired her on the spot.

4. While Brian enjoys fame and its perks, he often seeks solitude as a way to re-energize his spirit and imagination. He regrets doing the American Express commercial that made him so recognizable.

5. Brian believes Joanna to be his spiritual superior and credits her for inspiring his secret yearning to write the definitive time-travel romance.


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