Five Things You Didn’t Know About Count Dracula from Vampyre Blood-Eight Pints of Trouble

Although “Vampyre Blood-Eight Pints of Trouble” has a very dysfunctional ensemble cast, I have to admit that to me, the hard rocking, cool dressing, solid food eating Count Dracula is the lead character.

1. He’s rich, and he needs some time to enjoy spending his money, so he clears his calendar of stalking the night by getting a little help from a local wizard.

2. In his own peculiar way he’s a father, because he gives a transfusion of his blood to a dying lawyer and saves his life.

3. He plays electric violin in a Goth rock band called the Techno Zombies.

4. He’s started having human feelings like: how did I get here, and where am I going–indulgencies that are very confusing to a Vampyre.

5. He’s learned how to drive, and he’s not particularly good at it.

George Earl Parker is an Author, Singer/Songwriter, and an Artist.

As director of the short film The Yellow Submarine Sandwich, included in Eric Idle’s pseudo-documentary of a band called the Rutles, Parker received accolades, awards, and a showing at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

His art has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the country, and three of his songs have climbed the European Country Music Association charts.

Vampyre Blood-Eight Pints of Trouble is his first novel. He currently lives in California where he continues working on music, and his second book.


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