Five Things You Don’t Know About ‘Invasion of the Baby Daddy’ by Dr. John E. Bell

Invasion of the Baby DaddyFive Things You Don’t Know About ‘Invasion of the Baby Daddy’

Comparison to everyday Americans. I feel the American family structure is currently changing and has been changing over the last 20 years. For example 6.4 million children are born out of wed lock today. Over 50% of marriages end in Divorce and most families today never have evening dinner together any more. We are now in the hurry up and going no where society. The facts alone are alarming but also very true of our society. Another example of the decay of the American family specifically when African-American families have a 72% single parent house hold. Latino families have a 40% single parent house hold. Caucasian European families have a 36% single parent house hold in America according to the 2007 Census report. It shows how the American family is ever changing and also what American family challenges that will be confronted in American society in the future.

Direct link to many suburban/urban problems. It seems to me the root of many of the problems of unwed mothers have been the acceptance of the decay in the American family. A lack of education and the instant generation has become the issue of where our society and family life has now evolved into. It seems that most of the women and men who have unplanned children early in life, most of them have a low education and no goals that prevent the detour of the mistakes of unplanned pregnancies. Furthermore, a great mislead issue is when most of the American families repeat the mistakes of the previous generations before them because the societal conditions that existed for the previous generation has not improved for their children. Unfortunately, this now becomes a generational issue of the next parents of the children of today.

The reality of blended families. The problem that can interfere with a blended family having a great life would be the Baby Mother or Baby Daddy that is attached to the child itself that attempts to separate a family when the biological Mom or Dad wants to move on. The Baby Mother to the child can not leave a state with the child to live out of state, even if she has married someone else. This is a court order called Joint legal status that gives a Baby Daddy as much custody to parent as the Baby Mother even without a marriage as one can see this can leave a blended family with severe hardships and ultimately even end in a devasting divorce. Moreover, Joint legal status court orders however is a state by state issue an not the law in every state. You must check your state to make sure that this law does not affect your relationship if you are planning on moving on from a Baby Daddy or Baby Mother.

How single men adapt to a blended family. The new man in a situation where he has met a ready made family with a woman that is ready to move on as well is a great thing. There are some good men who would love to step up and welcome women and her child or children. In the book, “Invasion of the Baby Daddy” A doctor by their name of Dr. Mark Sand is a good man that happens to fall in love with Rachel and her child. However, it is interacting with the biological Baby Daddy or Baby Mother of the child that will always present issues with such a great guy in these blended family situations.

How the American family can be impacted. The Baby Daddy will always be a sinister character. Usually, a selfish irresponsible Baby Daddy will not want to spend money on the child. Infact, statistically most unwed Baby Daddys never intended to be fathers and most were not father material to begin with. They were boys trying to have sex and live a life of illusion from consequences that came from practices of unsafe sex. Most actually are lost souls that had no father themselves or only act out what they have learned from the same father type that they now have become. This is what is seen in the pages of “Invasion of the Baby Daddy.”


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